Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Staring Down My Road Forward...

Love goes beyond the boundaries of time or the constrains of circumstances.
You know you've truly loved when love prevails over both.
And for that, I'm truly thankful that I've learned to love despite the odds.
Thank You Lord for making me the way I am.

It's good to be back.
There's so many updates, and a whole load of pictures to upload.
But I promise I'll get to it before the new semester starts.
I've been bumming around, catching up, and pretty much keeping busy with the various tasks and responsibilities that have been on hold since the exams in early June.

Needless to say, I've missed blogging.
This is just a short update to notify that the updates will be up in the next few days.
So, till then...if you've been visiting my blog all this while regardless, you're awesome.
Hang tight peeps. : )

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