Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two Blinks And A Wishing Star...

It is...

*drum roll*

...the last day of holidays. *rolls eyes*
It's been a pretty good break I suppose.
I spent my holidays...

# getting to spend more time with the Daddy (i.e. longer devotions due to more time available)

# by spending quality time with the girlfriend.

# going on a Prison Break marathon, which I am happy to say has almost come to an end.

# eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping.

# attending a few parties.

# catching up with some movies.

# preparing for Christmas with all the practices that is still ongoing.

I don't know if you can call that a productive and fruitful stretch of holidays, but it was on a personal note for me.
I need to be more disciplined and seriously get myself going.
I'm hoping that by the time January rolls by, I'll be all geared up to study like I've never studied before.
By God's grace, I shall.

I'm still busy with my applications for scholarships.
Praying really hard for a scholarship, though I know that it is only a matter of time before it comes.
After all, the word has been given.
He has promised, and a personal promise at that.
So it will only be a matter of time.
The question is, am I really doing my best in applying for scholarships?

Anyway, enough about my inadequacies and shortcomings.
I think I'd better stop before I continue ranting and saying things which I might later on regret.

A movie review!

Star Trek!

I missed this movie when it came out, along with District 9 and G.I. Joe. So technically, I plan to get my hands on those movies soon. But I managed to download this movie and caught it at home. Never was a huge fan of Star Trek (though my dad is), but this was really good. I personally thought so.

Verdict: 8/10 Their plot was pretty solid, the CGI effects were pretty decent too, and the overall cast did a good job. Recommended by yours truly.

Next post will probably be on Suk Wein's 21st birthday.
But, that will have to wait.

P.S.: Liverpool was dealt a shocking 2-0 loss to Fiorentina yesterday. Pretty devastated, but we'll bounce back.
P.S.S.: Have a good trip to Langkawi, you! = )

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Frankly Honey, You Look Lovely...

Listening to: Deeper - Planetshakers

Past few days have been pretty...eventful?
The only reason I'm blogging today is cause today is special.
I'm actually at home on a Sunday night.
On a SUNDAY night yo!
Very rare occasion indeed.

I'm drunk, or just random.
But I'm awesome like that.

So basically I have about 3 more days of holidays.
To do list includes study a bit more, and try and do some of those major tweaks I wanted to do on the blog.
Probably gonna change the layout, if I can find a suitable one.

I've just removed some links on my blogroll.
No point having links which you don't read yes?
I'll probably remove more tomorrow when I feel like it.

Some random stuff you outta know about Matt.

# I need to exercise. I feel fat. Sue me, but I haven't exercised in weeks.

# Prison Break is getting repetitive. If it isn't breaking out of prison, it's breaking in somewhere. *rolls eyes*

# My hair looks like a marsh when not waxed.

# I get too much unwanted attention sometimes, and yet I love to be in the limelight.

# I love to speed. Do you?

# Mamaks are cool. They're cheap, yummy, and easily accessible.

# I look like a ding dong in pictures. I'll post some as examples soon.

# Have you met my better other half? No? You're missing out.


Okay, I think I'll end the random post with some random Pon & Zi pictures.
I find them cute, although it can be rather dark in a way.

Yes yes, I agree. = )

Hahaha, cute much.

Dark, yes?

Till I have something better to post, cheerios.
Speaking of which, it will be a while before I blog further.
Work isn't exactly the most exciting thing in the world.
Maybe a movie review tomorrow?



Thursday, September 24, 2009

Holding On To You...

I'm back with more updates.
This time though, updates will be on how my Raya holidays were spent.
No, I don't celebrate it...but that sure as heck doesn't mean I don't enjoy it to the best of my ability.
After all, how often do you get public holidays?

The Raya holidays basically were spent with the Harvest Crew when we had our own lantern party.
I have to admit though, most of the pictures were taken by the other cameras.
We were all pretty busy with the lantern making competition.
Nevertheless, it was definitely pure fun and great fellowship coupled with yummy food.

Pictionary to kill time. The girls at it.

Both teams going head to head.

For dinner, we had Dominos and a whole lot of other goodies.

We were then divided into 4 different teams to construct and complete our very own lantern.
All kinds of designs came up, and in the end...they each even had Biblical explanations for their reason of choice for choosing such designs.
Truly a night to remember.

Ah, brings back the kid in you...

Generally known as "The Poop". Second place was pretty satisfying. Pretty good considering we had very low expectations.

Guessed who I brought along.

Yes, it's us.

Snap snap...<3

Since I do not have the majority of the pictures, do click here for more pictures on facebook.

I continued my Raya holiday celebrations by spending the day studying and helping Nic with her revision.
After long hours at Starbucks, we headed off to Pyramid to catch a movie before dinner at Asia Cafe, Subang.

Java Chip and sandwiches for breakfast. Picture credits to Nic.

Books, notes, and calculators. Full fledged study day.

Booyah! Hahaha!

We got really random, and couldn't be bothered who was staring.

Almost finished 'lobak'. We were hungry kay?

Her blackpepper chicken chop.

And yours truly's chicken chop.


One word...OVERRATED! I honestly thought it would have been better. Guessed I came with really high expectations, but it all turned out just plain flat. The action was so-so, the plot was...wait, what plot?

Verdict: 5/10 Yesh, it's not as good as hyped. Pfft...and to think we queued for 15-20 minutes cause it was a public holiday.

Picturesque. <3


You can choose to ignore this section of the post.

And I quote... "Mood swings are GAY!"

Firstly, I have utterly no idea why I'm feeling so lousy these past few days.
Laugh if you will, but I've been some sort of an emotional wreck lately.
There are only a few things keeping me sane nowadays.

  • Planetshakers and worship songs. All I do is keep it on repeat.
  • Constant rantings to Daddy. I think He gets the worse of it, cause all I do is rant, rant, and rant.
  • Those random messages. <3

I'm not afraid to admit this is my moment of weakness.
I'm not afraid to admit that I need God very badly.
And I'm not afraid to admit that I feel lonely.

It's been crazy, but I'm holding on to dear life...if you will.
Exaggerated, but I just feel insecure all of a sudden.

Spiritual attacks?
You bet!

Without a doubt, this are one of those moments when you're down and the Enemy kicks you down.
Which is the exact reason I have to reclaim that strength in Him and not succumb to this.
Is life a bed of roses?
Heck no!
God has loads of promises to us, and one of 'em promises us trials and tribulations.
But yet again...He's promised to never leave us nor forsake us.
Seriously, life would be just plain empty without Him.

Just one of those moments that God is calling me back, to spend more time.
One of those dry "desert" moments where I feel as if I've strayed away from Him.
Here's something new...

You may be spending time, doing devotion daily...but it does not mean you're close to Him.

Yes, even to me.
I was always under this illusion that you'll be closer to God if you spend time everyday.
But...not unless you earnestly seek Him.
Something I've learned recently, and I will do everything in my power to correct this.

Secondly, still carrying burdens for those around me, and prayer continues.
Best thing I can do.

Finally, I wished I were a better friend.
I feel like I've been neglecting those around me.
Some say it's due to work, others say it's due to busyness.

Well I say it's total nonsense.

It's funny how I was just talking to Daddy, about how I feel I've been a total failure to those around me.
It's ironic how I always treasure family, relationships and friendships...but yet it suddenly feels like I'm left with so little around me.
Someone once told me this...

"When you start working, and you settle tend to lead a smaller social circle. You're busy with work, you're busy serving God, and how family becomes your immediate priority. It's normal."

But I refuse to believe that.
No matter what, my relationships with those around me I refuse to compromise.
I refuse to give in to the convenient excuse that things are the way it is because of work.

Yet sometimes it is...

However, Daddy truly knows the desires of my heart.
Just when all this was being talked with Daddy, I suddenly received this invitation to a friend's 21st birthday.
And all I could do was sat there, thanking Him for almost instantaneously answering my prayer even though I did not pray for it.

God, family, relationships, friendships, whatever it is...

I will do everything in my power to keep those that I love close by.
Defined by such characteristic, this is me...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Harvest Crew Missions 2009!

Greetings Earthlings.
This is...


Randomness just overtook me.
My apologies.
I finally have the time to update the blog, and this post will be image heavy.
So here are the updates for the Harvest Crew's Missions to Malacca 2009.

28th August 2009
Started off the day with the 12 of us having to rendezvous at jie jie Pek See's.
Those who had not had breakfast had their dose of caffeine and porridge.
After a short prayer, we were off in 3 different cars.
So, I'll let the pictures do the talking then.

Our first stop.

Lunch time!

This plate of chicken disappeared within 10 minutes.

And the camera goes *click click*

The rations for the villages.

The poor kitten that was stuck on the roof.

We adjourned to the pastor's place, Pastor Joseph and the local church to meet up.

Old school. Really classic stuff. : )

Excuse the bad hair day. Brandon has nice hair though. : )

Our 5 star hotel. For a missions trip, to sleep in's definitely a 5 star thingy.

All parked, and ready to roll.

Preparing for the upcoming sessions.

Some decided to take a nap. Haha!

Then, the kids turned up for their vocal training lesson.

A group stayed back to give them vocal training.
The rest of us went off to a nearby village to start ministry. : )

Our first home visitation; external shot.

Internal shot.

Shot #2.

On a side note, our first stop required yours truly to share, in Bahasa!
Honestly, thank God He was guiding even as I shared.
Couldn't have came up with the right words if it wasn't for His guidance. : )

Random shot #1.

Village leader's house.

Random shot #2.

Photobucket's a mother-son thing. : )

We then headed back home and then decided to have an early dinner.
Passed by a Hakka restaurant and decided to check it out.
That was probably one of the best decisions of the trip.
Here's why...

Looks normal, no?

Tried to take a shot in black & white, for photography purposes. Looks quite gloomy.

That's one thing about getting out of KL. The country is just beautiful...peaceful.

Dinner time, but apparently some people just decided to doze off.


Harvest Crew's bosses. Rawr! = )

Bak Kut Teh! No ordinary dinner, I assure you.

Went extremely well with garlic rice.

This was equally as yummy. Must try.

Chicken feet!

After dinner, a few of us followed Pastor Joseph to an Indian house to minister.
It was a sad atmosphere as one man sought after healing from diabetes and wondered why God had not worked the miracle in his life.
But ultimately, we ministered to his daughters who were very encouraged and in the end we left knowing that God will work the miracle in His own timing.
More than just a touching moment, we realized that God worked in every single circumstance of life no matter how bleak it may seem sometimes.

Ministry led by Pastor Joseph. My apologies for the poor quality in pictures. Evidently, due to my lousy phone camera.

His daughters...

Upon reaching back, we went out for supper nearby; our usual joint for missions in this area.
Of loads of food and fellowship.
Came back and we actually had a karaoke session with a guitar.
Played cards and talked till about 3-4am.

Then, it was time to turn in.

29th August 2009
Had breakfast at a nearby area.
Nasi lemak and char kuey teow among others.
Heavy much, but our first and last breakfast here.
Hence, a treat for the tummies.

Rise and shine.

My fetish for shades.

On the way to our last stop, a village in Gunung Ledang.

Random shot #3.

Random shot #4. Ah, bliss...

Random shot #5.

Random shot #6. Probably one of my favourites.

Entering the mini hall.

Random shot #7.


Random shot #8.

Random shot #9.

Say cheese.

Say...what? Camera shy...

Dinner? xD

Random shot #10.

Random shot #11.

More chickens...

Blowpipes that can kill from 7 feet away.

Model #1.

Model #2. Steady, aim, fire.


The kids.

More of 'em.

Sunday school, or in this case Saturday school! : )

Taking over Saturday school.

Support team.


Comes with actions too.

Colouring session.

Random shot #12.

Random shot #13.

Random shot #14. Ho ho ho. Andrew caught on camera.

Random shot #15.

Our missions coordinator, who simply knows the best makan places.

Lunch time!

Serving the kids their lunch.

Fried bee hoon.

With curry chicken. Yums...

Reminds me of the dogs in I Am Legend.

Sharing session.

Distributing the rations.

Raking down souveniers in the form of pomelos. = )

Brandon promoting pomelos.

On the way back, this was what we saw. You don't see this everyday ei?

Upclose and personal.

That was how we ended our missions trip.
I've learned a whole lot once again, as God once again used missions to speak.
So many people need Him, and more than anything else...I want them to know.
Thank You God for an awesome missions, and the many lessons you taught us along the way.

Till my next post, this is Matt...signing off.

PS: For more pictures, click here.