Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I know You'll see me through...

Here was the Deepavali post I promised to blog about. I know its rather delayed, but better late than never right?

So here's how the day went...

Monday, 27th October 2008
Woke up late as I had problems sleeping the night before. Went to OU with the family to catch Eagle Eye and have lunch. Went to K.T.Z. Food for lunch after the movie.

So, lets have some pictures...

The Chinese orientated deco. Feels like Chinese New Year all over again.

The menu.

Appetizers...Some Fried Fish Paste thingy. Pretty tasty.

Dad's Pork Chop rice, or something like that. Or, the restaurant is non-halal. Sorray!

Mum's Seafood noodles of some sort. The soup is tasty.

Andrew's Golden Curry Noodles. Doesn't look very golden though. More red than gold. This is recommended. = )

My Beijing Hot Sauce Noodles. I'd recommend all their soup noodles. I believe they specialize in those.

Dessert...Not sure what its called in English though. xD

I'm done for the food section. Rawr!

At night, went to State to celebrate my cousins' birthdays, Debbie and Danielle.

More food. Haha, kidding. Took a picture of this dish cause it looks interesting. Notice the "island"?

The very shy birthday girl. This was the best picture I caught of Debbie.

Her sister on the other hand loved the camera. =D


My uncle (Her dad) and Danielle.

Smile for the camera! xD Adorable much...

Anyway, that was about it for the night and how I spent my Deepavali. Christmas is coming up and as of right now, thats the only thing worth looking forward to.

Hoping for a better tomorrow. I don't wanna feel dejected, rejected, disgusted, and whatever -ted that comes along with it. Its about time things started looking brighter.

PS: Movie reviews coming up. Been on quite a movie marathon of late. Next post!

I need a sucker punch...

Hoping for the end of the month to be the turning point.

I've had enough of all the drama going on inside my head, and I really hate to see myself taking one step forward, but two steps backward.

No more heartaches...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Vintage, stored, and utilized...

Holiday was well spent.

I've got movie reviews, quite a number of pictures from today's outings, and some announcements and updates to make. Stay tuned.


Some people have to learn when to speak, and when to understand that silence is golden. There is definitely absolutely nothing wrong with correcting a person, but when you intrude and try to tell other people how to live, it becomes wrong.

Lets just say instead of being a friend, they bring you even closer to the end. Some people just plain excel at what they do, and to be honest it starts to get on my nerves a lot.

Recently, it hasn't been the best of days for me. We all go through it one day or another. Passing by a blue patch again and to be honest, loneliness can be felt even among the crowd. During those times when I scrolled through my phone contact list, it came as no surprise when I reached the bottom and found only one person that I thought was available during that time and that specific moment.

Don't get me wrong. There's still one or two other people I would have absolutely loved to have "disturbed" but it would be insensitive to rob people from their sleep. xD

Good friends are hard to find. Listening friends are even harder to come by. After all, its so much more easier to judge than to listen and bear the burdens of someone who probably isn't worth you time.

So much for friendship...= (

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Undeserving, but needing...

I can't say I told you so.

I can't say I'm not disappointed in you either, cause you better know that I am. Honestly, I'll just keep my advices to myself in the future. Ultimately, you've been warned. So if you play with fire, you'll have to face the consequences yourself. If you get burned again, I would have done my best and nobody is to blame but yourself.

Honestly, your comments really triggered something inside of me and if I'm totally transparent with myself, I am cheesed off. No, scrap that. I'm pissed, for real. But, they say love covers a multitude of sin and somehow this is the true test of loving the unlovable with the love of Christ. Humanly, I am unable, but with God, all things are possible.

From now on though, I'm drawing a line right here to clearly define where I stand.

You're off the list...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Just a figure of speech...

Just a short update.

The pictures of the Knowing You, Knowing Me event is out on the Harvest Crew blog. If you can't find it, scroll to the right where all my links are located. Look for "Harvest Crew Official Webbie" and click. So those of you who missed out on the fun, or fong fei kei-ed (whether accidently, purposely, actively, or happily) the event and thinks you got away with it, God knows. xD


Anyway, go check it out.

I know my blog hardly has any readers since my social circle is so incredibly small, and the really good friends hardly read my blog, I shall settle with whichever stranger/blog hopper that comes to my blog to go and check the pictures out.

Yesh, I sound pathetic, but the truth hurts sometimes, no?

So much for that. Gonna spend time with the Daddy up there. Nobody's around. I hate being alone. Correction, I hate feeling like I'm alone even in the midst of people (in this case, family). Thank God His grace is still sustaining me.

Have a great weekend. To infinity....and beyond!

PS: Futsal on Tuesday wasn't on cause Danial wasn't free. Futsal on Thursday wasn't on either cause Asaph was busy working. And tomorrow squash isn't on either cause poor aunt Ina is sick. You know what that means? No exercise for the whole week! Faaaaattttttt...= (

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Make a smashing wish...

I HATE being late when it comes to birthday wishes.

And so, to have been late with this wish, I apologize. Especially since its someone special.

So here we go...


Happy 16th Birthday you!

Meet my monkey cousin, Ashley. Hahaha! Happy Birthday lil tots. You're growing (And maturing...maybe. Or not? xD) older everyday. How does that make you feel? Great I suppose. Hope you had a great birthday. I owe you a birthday treat when you get back. Li Anne owes you one too. Rawr! Take care. Come back soon!

You are missed.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Grace me with your presence...

Corridor ahead, positively absolutely darker than usual,
Giddily I strode ahead, mutterings of sorts I hurl,
Wondered just how long you'd stand there in silence,
Stood on the all too familiar ground of defence.

For a moment, the lights seemed to get dimmer,
The walls seemed to cave in making it ever so tinnier,
But for a split second, a bright light filled every corner,
Banishing all enigma, it seemed to go on forever.

In all that glare and flare, your smile went right through,
Who would have thought that such a radiance came from you,
Before I could utter a word, off you went almost immediately,
Inside your smile dawned, and I smiled to myself; finally...

I'll be darned.

I'm just being a bit random. Been a lil bit over-inspired, if there's such a word. Hence the poem craze. So bear with me for a minute. xD

Friends do come and go. Thats a lesson I've learned over and over again. So never, I repeat, NEVER expect people in general to always be there, 'cause when they ain't (or can't, very rarely in such cases) then oops, you get disappointed. Oh, and I try my very best to be there for everyone but nobody seems to be there. At least God is...= )

Haha, thought I end my rant with some random points.

Random Point #1
I need Astro really really quick. *hint: Dad, you heard me. xD

Random Point #2
I am a serious slacker at times. Time to get organised.

Random Point #3
I think you're pretty, and really dreamy. = )

Good night.

PS: Lerry, get well soon. *hugz* =D

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Remember me not...

Lights flashed around and glittered among walls of concrete,
As I walk through the streets, shadowed by my own silhouette,
Looking around and I was greeted by empty glances,
The millions of people from all walks of life and circumstances.

Walking along the pavement and pass by the street shops,
I could see a kid or two running around in flip-flops,
People barged and pushed till deep down I felt invisible,
I reached a junction and loneliness surfaced, immeasurable.

As I cross the road, I realized there was no hand to hold,
The cold winds that brushed against my cheeks foretold a night so cold,
I searched for a place of warmth, even the slightest ember,
But look as I may, I found nothing as I continued to shiver.

I looked to see a girl in the arms of a guy, providing warmth and shelter,
And in that moment, I realized your absence left me somewhat poorer,
On those cold nights where we'd used to fall into each other's arms,
Sipping a cup of coffee under the balcony, under your very charm.

How irony gripped me on my shoulders on memories so distant,
Shifting but for a moment to the past; leaving feels so reluctant,
And here I stood under the falling rain, going insane from the pain,
I realized I miss you; cut me open and I'd still bleed "you" in my vein.

When the stars dim...

Paint me a rainbow, and I'll show you my pot of gold ~ Matt

Rawr! Its been a bit of another break from blogging for myself. The weekend was extremely busy, like seriously. Was out almost the whole day for both Saturday and Sunday. No, scrap that. I was out the whole day on Saturday and Sunday. Anyway, just gonna go through some brief updates.

Saturday begun just like every other Saturday with squash. Finished squash and headed nearby for lunch before everyone rushed off to Wong's place for the Knowing You, Knowing Me event; the BBQ event that Harvest Crew held. It was a great success, personally for me since I brought Danial along.

Pictures and updates will be up real soon on the Harvest Crew blog. So, will update you guys on the link once its up. You can still visit it though. Just click here.

Anyway, Sunday was followed with church and a group of about 12 of us went off to catch Mamma Mia at Midvalley subsequently after all the practices were over.

Thankfully the queue wasn't as long as it normally is on weekends.

Ms Chai.

Taken @ Sharon's workplace. Boredom strikes! Awesome lighting though. xD

Had dinner at the food court. This was some noodles in a "wantan" sort of bowl. Unique much.

Movie review will be at the end of the post.


Concentrating? Nawh...

Followed parents out to Tesco at night for grocery shopping. Somehow, I just can't help liking grocery shopping. It just seems so much fun somewhat. Nyeh...

Whoosh! Tesco...Yeah, sound like a 'jakun' but what the heck.

Down the aisle we go...

The only product that dares to claim to be 'virgin'. xD

Ending this post with a random picture requested by Adam.

Ford GT Mustang!

Front view. Rawr!

Too lazy to review Mamma Mia. It was pretty average for me if you wanna know. Good for couples, kids, and big fans of Abba. xD

I'm off.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Riddle me not...

Greetings bloglings.

Been really busy this entire week (not to mention stressful too) with the proposal of my dissertation which is due at the end of year 3. So just gonna update a lil on what's new. Nothing much I assure you, but still worth updating.

Despite the fact that I've been busy, been futsal-ing a bit more this week at nights.


A while ago, I took a test called BULATS which stands for Business Language Testing Service. This test is upcoming and usually done among company employees (or future employees) in order to gauge their level of English. I took this test as part of a competition whereby I was representing my college and this test was part of the preliminary round for this Business Talk competition.

The good news is I got a 93/100 for my overall score and I've been selected to represent my college along with 2 other classmates to the national level, meaning inter-college. So I wanna thank God. I'm going for this National level without actually expecting much and if its God's will, so it will be. If not, well, God has better plans for me. = )

Oh, and the best 2 will be chosen to represent Malaysia in the international level with the grand prize of a full scholarship to complete a Masters program in Singapore. Sounds cool ei? Haha, very much excited but will trust God that everything will go according to His plan.


I don't usually have celebrity crushes, so this is just random talk. Meet Hayley Williams, lead singer of the band, Paramore. Pretty much, no? Hahaha! Random...

That would be all. Knowing you, knowing me event will be on tomorrow. Hoping (more like praying) for awesome weather and a successful event at that. Till my next update, have a good weekend.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This love will see me strong...

As promised, here's the post on Dan's open house I attended last Saturday. I got fong fei kei-ed by some supposed to be attendees *cough youknowwhoyouare cough*. It was good nonetheless, and going there to try his mum's Johor laksa was worth it. Talk about scrumptious food, his mum really is a gourmet chef.

Less talk and more pictures...

Delightful Raya cookies.

Told you so.

The food spread.

Ingredients for the Johor laksa; Slices of cucumber, beans sprout, garlic (I think), lime, and fried onions (shallots).

Tada...the finished product. My pictures do not do it justice at all.

Dan; the host.

Eddie; the ghost. His brother actually. I just thought the rhyme sounded cool. xD

Matt; the pose-r. Rawr! I look fat. Poor camera quality.

I ended up watching Blades of Glory with Eddie since Dan had to serve the rest of his friends who came.

Reached back rather early at 10.30pm as there was church the following day. So there, a short update. Lets have a movie review, shall we?

Journey to the Center of the Earth.

I did not watch this in 3D, but instead I opted for the cheaper option; DVD! Rawr! Anyway, the storyline is pretty much as how you would predict. Storyline wasn't too bad, and the animation would be pretty average I guess.

Verdict: 6.5/10
Recommendation: Again, more enjoyable for kids I believe. I do recommend that you don't bring anyone with a weak heart for the 3D version. It can get pretty...heart stopping. xD

Monday, October 13, 2008

Two cheers for the aftermath effect...

Emotional roller-coaster again.

But as always, I'll pick myself up sooner or later.

Looking forward to that day.

Till then, I'll keep smiling and still say God is good. = )

PS: Supposed to post about Danial's "Raya Open House" last Saturday. Will do them tomorrow if I can load up the pictures. Cable problem. =X

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thats what you get when you let your heart win...

Listening to: Thats What You Get - Paramore

Warning: A lot of self-portraits!

Its been almost a week since I last updated. My apologies. I've been busy here and there, but its also cause I didn't have anything much to blog about. This post is gonna be random a lil, and also an invitation to an event which I will give details at the end of this post. Stay tuned.

I logged in this evening from college and to my surprise, I saw this figure...

51 Unread in the inbox!

Most of as you can see (albeit blur) that it came from facebook.

I check my email everyday, and to get 51 unread emails within the span of a couple of hours was shocking. Expected a lot of spam mails, or perhaps the oncoming mails selling viagra. >.<" After posting the pictures, some crazy people were too free and commented on almost every picture. Talk about being extremely free. Pfft, whatever... Some further random pictures... Photobucket
This is how empty the road is at 1am. Gotta love driving at this time.

Rawr! Liverpool to the end! You'll Never Walk Alone.

Random camwhoring.

Its been a while since I snapped pictures of myself. So s'cuse me. xD

On my way back on the Sprint highway, a BMW 3 series was on fire. Picture is blur as traffic was still moving. Was worried about the possibility of it exploding. Scare-yyyy.

Well, that was about it.

Here's the event I was telling you about.

Harvest Crew, namely the youth of HCC are having a BBQ dinner/social event at the Wong's residence. The details are as below...

Knowing me, knowing you

Place: Wong's residence.
Address: As above.
Time: Its actually at 5pm, I think. Will get back on this.

The night will be full of FOOD, GAMES, FELLOWSHIP, etc...

If you wish to attend, please leave me a comment here, or a message at my chatterbox. Also, you can leave me a comment or on Barney's facebook profile.

There's also a map attached at our youth blog. So clickety click here.

Also, if there is something about the blog being suspected as a spam blog, just click proceed. Apparently our blog is still being reviewed for suspected spam. Nonsense...>.<" Will be presenting weekly updates on what goes on every Sunday, as well as to keep our readers (which includes you and everyone else) updated on any upcoming events we'll be having. I'm very excited, and this has been part of my minor project that I've been undertaking and thus a lil busy with. So once again, here's the link to our youth blog. Do visit. = ) Click here.

Don't forget to read my post on what happened last Sunday. Here are some random group pictures we took.

Group Picture 1.

Presenting Harvest Crew!

Before going off, I wanna thank God that He gave me a great supervisor for my Undergraduate Major Project (UMP) which comprises of a 10,000 words theses due at the end of Year 3. God is still faithful. Till my next post, this is goodbye...

PS: Hayley Williams is pretty, well in the video of Thats What You Get anyway. xD

Friday, October 3, 2008

The bells are ringing...


Time to turn in for the night.

Just leaving you guys with my plurk account (till at least I am able to post it on my blog widget).

Do join, and when you do drop me a line.

Good night.

May my dreams be better than reality itself.

For once, I want to reverse the pain...

Yesterday was the second day of Raya and I ended up at mum's place to meet up with the rest of the youth and hang out for the day. Had lunch there and ended up playing monopoly for a good 3-4 hours before heading to Sunway to have dinner.

Narrations shall do the job.

No specs! Haha!

Monopoly! Ah, childhood memories.

From L-R: Claudia, Rachel, Josh, Billy the Banker, and Jerusha.

Dinner at Steven's TeaGarden. Recommended. The food is pretty good, but so is the price. xD

Evening sky looms in the distance.




Brand, Matt and Barns. Toilets do end up inevitably as places for pictures. Probably due to their large mirrors.

Okay, there were others of course, but I didn't get the chance to snap any pictures. Anyway, rushed back home after dinner. Hari Raya season is just awesomely nice to drive around. Reached home in around 10 minutes. Okay, maybe its cause I was half speeding.

Anyway, had one heck of a tough time yesterday night. But after everything that happened and when all the silent tears have fallen, and when everything is said and done, you just start to realize that things will be better. Circumstances cannot be controlled, nor do we get what we want, but God is still faithful.

Thank You God for collecting all the tears.

"And now abide these faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love" - 1 Corinthians 13:13.

I do not believe in love anymore. The only love I believe in is the unfailing and unconditional love of God. The rest are secondary.