Thursday, April 30, 2009

Seventy times seven...

I hope the damage done can somehow be repaired.

Your friendship means a whole lot to me.
I hope this does not come in between us.

...please forgive me. : (

Defining moments...

Good morning!

Yesh, it's early in the morning, but I have classes in a bit.
I know I've been disappearing a lot.
My apologies.
Blogging used to be an addictive hobby, but I've either gotten really busy or I've totally lost the mood to sit down and blog.
This post will be mere short updates as today I'm busy rushing about to prepare for tomorrow's trip to Gold Coast. (And I assure you, updates will be up on that after tomorrow)

So what's been going on?

- My year long dissertation has finally been handed up. Trusting God to take care of the results.
- Church activities have been at its peak recently (including tomorrow's trip) and thus I've been busy running around. Being a coordinator can be tiring.
- College is nearing its end with the final exams timetable out. If all goes well, you will either see me in the corporate world or continuing my studies in the form of my Masters.

Life continues to get interesting with all the complications that it normally brings about. I thank God though that he's changing me. Instead of moping about, I'm actually feeling pretty numb and I IS very the happy. No, it's not that I don't care but it is the mere fact that some things can never be changed.

Job is my inspiration...

If God can bless, God can take away.

One thing is for sure...
Whatever life throws at me, I know I have an anchor to cling onto.
I think this phase of life is where God is changing me from being expressive and getting all negative about things that do not go well to turning to Him and seeing the calm in the storm in Him.
I've never felt such peace for a very long time.
Life will go on regardless of what happens.
My circle of friends continue to change (except for a core of church friends and college buddies).

As I reach this crossroad of life...
I am prepared as He will truly bring those prophecies to past.
I am excited to say the least.
The future looks bright.
God is so awesome.

PS: Pending posts will be up in a while. Patience.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where dreams are mere illusions...

Disclaimer of opinion: Go figure. xD

Sunlight's first rays shone through the gaps,
I drew back the curtains, took in breaths,
A new day, frankly I'd like to just snap,
Then again, you won't really know.

Birds chirped to a sweet, melodious tone,
I stood under the awning, taking in the scenery,
My hand reached out, and grabbed the phone,
It almost seemed like deja vu, familiarity.

Gazing across the the garden, stretched far,
Flowers in the distance, bloomed and by nature, grow,
I etched you in my memory, just like pictures on a jar,
Then again, you won't really know.

All I wished for was for you to be here,
It didn't matter rain or shine, it mattered not,
No more empty echoes, no more tears,
Colours in life you'd add, your significance...a lot.

I trust myself not, cause I've failed one too many,
I refuse to get carried away, following the flow,
This outflow of emotions, for me so uncanny,
Then again, you won't really know.

A smile you'd put on this lil face of mine,
We spoke as if we were worlds apart, though it wasn't so,
And I would contemplate to cross that oh-so-thin line,
And yes, I would really like you to know.

But I've always never been good enough,
Knowing happiness is what you deserve,
Having me around you would be a big laugh,
You deserve more...happiness and more, with love.

Cause I'll gather the courage, speak my heart out,
Though it seems in vain, but I want you to know,
Indeed, this is real....without a shadow of a doubt,
You mean the world to me, and I love you so.

For the umpteenth time, I'll watch and hope,
And pray that someone else finds happiness, joy,
Something I'd hope for, but had always been a dope,
I'll always be the puppet, used...unappreciated, like a toy.

And yet, I want you to know...
What I could never bring myself to say...
And though you may not know it, this is for you...

I love you.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Sacrifice Like No Other...

Easter has come and gone. And as always, we had presentations and a special speaker in the form of Rev. Samson Dabbas who by the way was an awesome speaker. Good news is, we'll be seeing him for church camp from June 4-6. Wanna come? You know who to contact. = )

So, here are the pictures. Blur as usual, but I couldn't be bothered.

Preparing for their number.

The support band.

Joash on the percussions.

Jeremy on the bass, and he still had time to pose for the camera. Har har!

They sang an edited version of Jason Mraz' - I'm Yours.

And then they sang another number which eludes me for the moment (my apologies).

Rev Samson Dabbas delivering the timely word. = )

Lost a picture of Jonathan on the guitar somehow. Annoying much. =X

Got a SMS from mei randomly asking me to go for dinner with her at 1U. We had dinner @ Wong Kok with Pei Xuan before I dropped mei back home. Pictures....

My blackpepper chicken, or something...

Green Tea.

Dropped by Coffee Bean after to have a chat.

Take 1.

Take 2.

Finally...take 3.

Till my next post, this is me signing off...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

When the sun refuses to shine...

On a Saturday night sandwiched between Good Friday and Easter, we celebrated Uncle and Aunty Yap's 50th wedding anniversary. Yesh, most of the leaders and their families were invited and hence, we were treated to quite a meal with the venue being at Equastarion, or something like that...Mont Kiara.

So, here are the pictures...

50 years! What a feat to achieve!

Celebrities for the night. = )

Random snapshots.

Lights, they blink so bright.

Ferero Rocher for everyone. : D

Here they are again. = )

Happiest man that night.

Getting lots of attention indeed.

Dad giving his speech before praying for the couple.

Moving on to food...


The standard shark's fin soup.

Roasted chicken.

Steamed fish.

Butter prawns, or was it? Can't seem to recall.

Their veggie which frankly, was the worst dish after the fried rice.

Here it fried rice. Spoiled our tastebuds...

Dessert, or what's left before yours truly devoured the rest.

Sea coconut.

Now for some random snapshots.

Claudia and Matt.

Matt and Carmen.

My beloved sisters...<3 you both. = )


Random shot...

Scarcity of light...=[

Part of the group. Cheese. : )

Preparing for a group shot.

Carmen, Debz, and Claudia.

Take 2.

The night ended with a blast. Everyone enjoyed themselves. The presence of red wine contributed to some people getting really high (not drunk mind you, just high) and jokes were thrown here and there, and laughter abounded. Truly a night to remember...

This is real, this is me...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Oh the wonderful cross...

Happy Good Friday!

Just came back from church a while ago and we had a short movie entitled "A Glimpse of Eternity" and I've never been so encouraged at the right moment than now. Thank You dear Lord for being the Saviour of the World over 2,000 years ago. I don't know what I'd do without You. I think I'd give up on life altogether if it weren't for You. Your love is amazing...

Today we remember when You looked upon the Earth with love of the highest degree and decided to give Your life as a ransom for my sins.

This is for You Lord...

Anyway, my previous post was the 200th post. I forgot. Yay to me. =)

Recently, I had a small outing with some friends to catch Fast and Furious 4. So here are the pictures to explain as well as the movie review...
Excuse the poor quality of the pictures. My phone has a low quality camera...

Movie tickets!

GSC 1 Utama empty on weekdays. Me likey...

Queuing up for food (and lunch for some people).

We love the camera...

Random snap shot. Overexposure....

Adam, Larsson, and a very weird looking Dines.

Met Wei Loon and Denise there, who then joined us for the movie. : )

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Not many pictures cause everyone else seem to be camera-shy apparently. The irony is, us guys were more ready for the camera than the girls. Weird? You said it...

Now, for the movie review...

Fast and Furious 4.

Having the original cast back definitely boosted the rating of this sequel. Vin Diesel totally brought character, and it was almost as if the role was reserved for him. Though there weren't like any real races, but when the action scenes came on, it was worth the ticket...

Verdict: 8/10 Yes, it's that good. Maybe cause we guys just have an irrevocable crush on cars and anything that goes fast.

PS: Look out for the yellow Mustang. = )

Anyway, before I end this post, some random pictures...

Random shot of Dan in the computer lab.


Harlowww. = )