Friday, November 27, 2009

Autumn: The Fall...

Day one of my long weekend has come and gone.
And I've got 2 full days left to enjoy myself, or at least I hope so.
There hasn't been much to talk about due to work.
Honestly, not my kinda thing...but I'm hoping that once I'm done with my current project by Monday, I'll get to move on to more challenging things.

Anyway, random pictures with random updates.
This won't be a long one, since I really need to turn in soon.

Random shot of Ranger.

And another one...

Awesome view of the Twin Towers from a client's place.

Bird's eye view of KL. I bet it'll look totally awesome at night.

The view from HSBC.

Lunch meet up with Nic.

Random picture with Nicole.

Pre-Christmas musical preparations.

The ladies at work.

The "decorations" crew.

The finished product.

The girls at practice. Ugh, blurness...

The actual pictures of the show are on facebook. Head over to my profile to check them out. Not in the mood to obtain the pictures and transfer it over here.

Today, we headed to Montfort Boys School to prepare for the final show tomorrow. The hall was huge, and tomorrow will definitely be interesting.

Monfort Boys School, before set-up.

On the move.

The finished product.

Deborah and Eu Jin sharing a light moment.

Anyway, I'm praying that tomorrow's message will be sent out and spread among the residents at the Montfort Boys School.
God, use us to spread Your gift, to share this gift with others that others may find life in You.

I'm feeling a lil...down.
Time to head to bed I suppose.
No time to rant it all.

Dear God, just be with me...right beside.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where would I be without You?

Oh boy.
Work has definitely put me on a longer hiatus than I would have liked.
However, this isn't exactly a proper update either.

I promise I'll get to it really soon.
Bear with me.

Too much has happened within the span of a few days/weeks.
Major things that I am not at liberty to explain on my blog.
Nevertheless, God has been totally awesome...
This weekend is the Christmas musical.


Last call people.
Contact me for details.
All are invited.

Sunday: 7.30pm-9.30pm.
I know the chances of someone reading this and coming may not be that high...

But lets say that I still wanna have faith.
Have a good weekend ahead peeps. : )

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Upwards is the Way to Go...

It has been a long hiatus (by my standards) and I apologize.
Life has been sorta crazy recently, a lil bit of a roller-coaster.
Too much has happened within the span of the past 2 weeks, but that's life for you.

Anyway, just gonna update a lil bit on what's been going on.

Monday, 2nd November 2009
It was sorta a mini milestone and coincidentally it was her first day of work.
Nonetheless, worked finished really early for her and we met up for dinner.
Ended up being in Sunway Pyramid where we had Popeye's, which was pretty decent.
Mash potatoes there are a whole lot better than KFC's.
Personally recommended.

Dinner, part of it anyway.

A smile that could light up the town.

Hey presto, love.

Random outings with mei
#1 Breakfast meet up

Actually managed to meet up at 8am for breakfast nearby.
Just a simple catch up.

Strawberry pillows. Random.

#2 Lunch appointment
Was supposed to meet up for lunch but ended up following her to 1U with her elder sister for a birthday gift search.
Again, totally random on the spot stuff.
Had lunch at Deli France though...

Appetizers: Mushroom soup and garlic bread.

Seafood croissant.

Passion fruit soda, which tasted pretty good actually.

Meet Celine. She's single and available. : )

She'll probably kill me for that.
Oh well, a lil publicity and promotion couldn't kill.

Perhaps some loose ends to tie before I post on some movie reviews.
Asides the whole traumatic events in the past 2 weeks, there are good news.

I am finally going to start an internship at HSBC in the commercial banking division.
Though it may not be originally in the treasury department as originally interviewed for, but I believe if that is where I'm headed next time...I'd rather go in full time for that one.
Nevertheless, I received another phone call shortly after HSBC called.

Pricewaterhouse Coopers called after that.
God certainly has a humorous way of working sometimes. : )
Nevertheless, they didn't know that I wanted an internship and not a full time position.
Hence, they encouraged me to apply after my ACCA.
Sounds good yes?

Hmm, tomorrow should be exciting.
I'm looking forward to a good time over there.
Till my next post, this is goodbye.

Faith is trusting God regardless of how circumstances play out or no matter how bleak things seem to look.

...I believe.