Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where would I be without You?

Oh boy.
Work has definitely put me on a longer hiatus than I would have liked.
However, this isn't exactly a proper update either.

I promise I'll get to it really soon.
Bear with me.

Too much has happened within the span of a few days/weeks.
Major things that I am not at liberty to explain on my blog.
Nevertheless, God has been totally awesome...
This weekend is the Christmas musical.


Last call people.
Contact me for details.
All are invited.

Sunday: 7.30pm-9.30pm.
I know the chances of someone reading this and coming may not be that high...

But lets say that I still wanna have faith.
Have a good weekend ahead peeps. : )


Joshua said...

Bear with me.
Did you say *bare* with me? Oh, wait, no, you didn't. Haha. Cause, you know, I was about to say, "We're not *that* close". :P Hahahahaha.

All are invited.
Ooh, boy! Me, too? :D

Matt said...

Josh, I have no idea why you tend to look at words differently.
Time for an eye check up buddy.

Yesh, you too.
By all means...: )

Joshua said...

I have no idea why you tend to look at words differently.
Purely for the humor value my friendly. If not for you, at least for me. :D

Joshua said...

The verification word was "dewgram". Hahahahah. :)

Matt said...

Yesh, much humor is involved.
Wonder what that means. xD