Friday, July 23, 2010

Friends, Foes....What's the Difference?

F - Fantastic
R - Real
I - Interested
E - Encouraging
N - Nearby
D - Dependable

Friends are definitely fantastic. I thank God He gave friends because honestly, the world will be just black and white without them. They add colour into life, and create memories that last for a lifetime.

Friends are real. No, I never had the idea they were an illusion or a figment of my imagination. They're real with you. No lies, no false pretense, and definitely genuinely honest even if it means hurting the other just because they care.

Friends are interested. What I mean by that is they sincerely care for your well-being, and whenever possible checks on you. Definitely one of the harder qualities to find in people, but maybe I'm just skeptical.

Friends are encouraging. I believe true friends will always encourage and bring out the best in you as a person and vice versa. Call it a symbiotic relationship, but that's how it works and there's no better way to do it.

Friends are nearby. This does NOT mean literally in terms of distance and location of house, but nearby when you need them. Probably just a call away, or a message away and they're there when needed.

Friends are dependable. How you might ask? Dependable when you need someone to talk to. Dependable when you've just came back from school/college/work and all you want to do is get a drink. Dependable as much as possible, because that's what friends do.

Note: Qualities of true friends mind you, and not acquaintances.

Honestly, perhaps this issue has been lingering in my mind rather predominantly over the past few days.
True be told, I am tired sometimes of being the listener/consultant, but never the friend.
I never get tired of being a friend, don't get me wrong.
I guess I'm just pretty fed-up of being a one time gig.

This friendship matter has always baffled me and to a certain extent, I never really got it.
Pointing of fingers aside, I may not be the best friend in the world that somebody can have...but nobody's perfect, right?
A never-ending quest to find people who I can honestly say have stuck with me through thick and thin.

Right now, I can honestly think of 2-3 individuals but that's about it.
As I begin to ponder and think further, I realize that the only way of going about it is to be ruthless.
People always tend to be close, and drift away.
And only the 2-3 individuals that come to mind have more or less consistently made the effort to keep in touch.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.
Like they say, "chop chop."
And this time, I can say that in a literal meaning.
This is me, being ruthless. : )

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just Because You Were All Lies...

It's almost 12am leading to the 9th of July 2010.
Since I have some extra time before I call it a day, I decided that it's finally time to update my blog.
I know the volume of readers have probably reduced to near zero, but this is for the faithfuls.
Updates begin pre-ACCA exams at KDU leading up to today.
It'll be a series of updates, so hang tight.

ACCA exams
As most of you generally know, professional papers can be really intimidating.
However, it gets easier when you face it together with a bunch of people who are equally intimidated and terrified.

Candid shot.

Apparently, newspaper helps in calming the nerves. : )

Meet Evon. She's nice, and a real handful when she goes crazy.

She has her camera-shy moments too.

And then there are the people who lose it.

Meet Courtney. I decline to reveal too much for fear of being clobbered and beaten to death.

A more recent photo taken at 1U.
You guys are awesome, period. <3

KBU Reunion
Reunion is perhaps too general a term, but I met up with my KBU buddies.
Someone needed a lesson in bowling, and we decided to cordially meet up and enjoy ourselves in the process of teaching someone the art of bowling.

Bowling @ 1U.

Multiple coloured balls. = D

Dines consulting with the cameraman a.k.a. yours truly. : )

Giving it a try.

As you can see, he has a fetish for bowling balls now.

Larsson, the other bowling 'sifu'.

Giving it a tight hook.

Shot #2.

Going for goal! Taken by Dines.

Close score.

After which we headed to Wong Kok's for lunch.
Lingz joined us immediately after our game for lunch.

The happy couple. Almost 5 years and still going. Cheers! : )

With Larsson.

Deep fried chicken chop rice!

With their special sauce, and boy was it good. : )

Well, that's all for now.
It's 5 minutes to 12.30am.
Classes begin tomorrow, and a good night's rest is much needed.

Upcoming updates:
  1. HCC Church Camp 2010 at Cameron Highlands.
  2. Father's Day lunch at Dragon Star Restaurant.
  3. Uncle Andrew's wedding.
Stay tuned.
And if you've been reading this faithfully, God bless you.
Even if you have not, God bless you too anyways.
This is Matt, signing off.

PS: Spain is in the World Cup finals! Viva Espana!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

If You Knew Better...


Love is not love if it's not constant.

There are very few people that I could say fit the above statement.
Here's the never really mattered from the start because it was just a game.
More than words, actions reveals the deepest intentions of the heart.
Anything less, is ludicrous.

You know how they'd always lie...

  • about always being there but are never there.
  • about accepting every aspect of you for who you are but turn their backs when the smallest flaws surface.
  • about happy endings that never really truly existed.
  • about being the best of friends when they never really bothered in the first place.
  • about wanting to build something together and to go places.
  • about how they'll always love you for who you are.

Well, they lied. : )