Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Think I'll Try Defying Gravity...

So, it's the end of another month.
I think has time flies by towards the month of June (my ACCA exams for those of you who didn't know), I've found less time to do the things I used to do.
Even my updates are not that many anymore.
I make it a point to go online daily though, but then...such a lack of time.

Before I go on, I've got good news.
God is incredibly. God is amazing.
He's always been good, but when the odds were stacked against me...I've been granted a scholarship to complete the rest of my ACCA course.
It's definitely the boost and motivation I needed to push through.

Lets say after their interview, though I had good comments on my presentation...I was a bit skeptical (probably due to all the audit classes).
But I left it in God's hands and I told Him "Lord, if it's Your will...I'll get it."
By faith, I left it as that.
And here we go...a miracle.
God is amazing.
For all the times I've messed up, He still loves me regardless.
I do not deserve such favor, but yet...He chooses to bless.
You're awesome! : )

Anyway, it's time to head off to my actual post.
So here we go.
It's a really short one.
I've went out with a few people here and there, but they've been just random outings.

8th April 2010
Till this day, I'm not sure what occasion this was held for.
It was either for Joon Huei's new job, Melissa's new job, or just Joon Huei's birthday.
Anyway, we headed over to Time Square's Neway.
You could say I've been de-virginized from the karaoke scene.

Buffet dinner.

There was quite a wide selection too.

Sushi bar. Suffice to say, it was my favorite of the night.

Food food food!


Malaysian Idol! xD Thank you Joon Huei for treating all of us. Next time, on me. : )

9th April 2010
Went over to mei's place.
Someone cooked spaghetti for lunch, and after that...we decided to head off to Ikea for tea.
And yes, I'm one of the few weird people who go to Ikea for food and not to shop for furniture.

Their famous Daim cake.

Cheese cake!

Classic face.

Soft toys do drive some people crazy. Exhibit A.

10th April 2010
I technically slept in after 2 previously late nights before Dines woke me up the following morning with a conversation that went like this..

Dines: Oi. Why didn't reply my SMS?
Matt: Huh? I just woke up la. Haha. What's up?
Dines: I'm at 1U now with Yoga and Lingz. Wanna meet up and grab a bite?
Matt: Now?
Dines: Yeah. It's Yoga's birthday. I give you 30 minutes to get here.

Hence, I woke up and rushed off to Chilli's, 1U.
Though it was random, but I love random meet ups like these.
Especially with people who are awesome.

My beef bacon burger. It was freaking big, like all the portions at Chilli's are.

No kidding. It was a whole lot.

Dines and Lingz Chicken Crispers, of some sort.

Yoga's lamb shoulder.

Dines and Lingz.

With the birthday boy, Yoga.

Thanks for the treat buddy. : )

We headed off to get some computer appliances for Lingz.
Drove to Ikano, and walked around looking for stuff.
Guess what I saw?

Mice? We have plural for a computer mouse now? xD

Well, that's about it thus far.
In fact, April might not have any updates whatsoever.
Checking through my pictures, I don't see any.
Yes, I'm reaching my peak period so to speak.
There's just so much to revise and prepare for.

God has been that one constant throughout.
Would not have survived thus far if it wasn't for His grace.
I guess as things start to build up, the more I need to depend on His grace.

Plans for the weekends look good too.

Friday - Revision // youth cell
Saturday - More revision // practice
Sunday - Church // youth // futsal // jamming

In between, there's quite a bit of free time.
So, plans have yet to be confirmed.
Till then, I guess this is it.

Good night.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Not Today...

And I wanna believe you
When you tell me that it'll be okay
Yeah I tried to believe you
But I don't...

When you say that it's gonna be
It always turns to be a different way
I tried to believe you
Not today...

I think we've all been lied to one way or another by someone we trusted.
"It's gonna be okay," always failed to materialize.
You know, it was never their intention to lie.
All they ever wanted was to temporarily soothe our fears, that no matter what happened everything was going to be okay.

And then you stood there thinking that everything would fall into place, and even if it did not...the person who promised you, would be there to catch you.
Suddenly, it didn't feel so bad.

I remember...

...when everything came crashing down.
Standing in disbelief looking at what just happened.
"It's going to be okay," was the only words I remembered from that night and clung so tightly to the words that everything was going to be okay.


Things never went back to okay.
As it seemed, that was the turning point that impacted me and changed me to who I am today.
It wasn't the lie that broke me; it was the fact that I fell face down and you weren't there to catch me.

Perhaps when you trust someone with your life not to let you down, they eventually do.
I am who I am today, and yet I don't recognize this person standing in front of the mirror.
This ruthless, occasionally wild, and incredibly cold-hearted person that now stands before me.
I guess when trust is broken, you turn against the world.

This is my way of dealing with it.
Turning that very moment when I watched as you walked away into the distance into something I use as my sorry excuse to never trust again.

And right now...the only reason I've not turned into the person that I've never said I would be, is the grace of God.
I've found that the only reason to ever live is to live for the One who made you, loves you, and never fails to catch you for 561,734,154,432th time.
So God help me if I cross that thin line and lose myself totally...


I...don't know how I feel,
I...don't know what to say,
Is a different day...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hello Hurricane, You Can't Silence My Love...

March updates.
This is gonna be a real quick post, but rather image heavy.
It's 12am, and tomorrow there's church...but I need to destress.
It's amazing how sensitive and an apparent lack of humor some people really have.
Go get a life. : )

18th March 2010
I was having a my day off, Andrew was having his school holidays...
So, we headed off to the Chai's residence to hang out, play gimrummy and just enjoy the day.

Everybody's favourite game, gimrummy. : )

Home cooked dinner. Yumz.

Bolognaise sauce, with loads of cheese.

Spaghetti anyone?

Broccoli to complete dinner.

26th March 2010
Our first Youth CG was officiated and begun on this very date.
It started off with the usual, praise and worship, sharing, games, and finally ended up with supper at Nathan's corner.



Blur stand-in game master. : )

Model #1.

Model #2 failed attempt.

Model #2 success shot.

27th March 2010
The inaugural Annual Bible Challenge (ABC) was held.
This year, it's been switched to bi-annually apparently, but was good.
We were divided into 3 different teams this time round...Faith, hope and love.
Champions this time round went to team Hope.
I do believe the teams were unevenly balanced, but was fun considering how little some of us studied.

The hamper prizes.


Here we go.

Team Hope!

Team Love.

Team Faith.




Yat Nam, team Hope's leader receiving the prize as the champions!

Shot #2.

Claudia, on behalf of team Love. They were the runner's up.

Wai Yuen, team Faith's leader receiving the second runner up's prize.

Team Hope on the go!

28th March 2010
Post-church, we headed off to Midvalley just to hang out.
A game of pool, followed by dinner and again...gimrummy at the Chai's.
A very very good night with great company.

I have no idea what they were doing, really.

My not so special fried rice.

Sharon and Claudia.

Andrew and Brandon.

Eu Jin.

That's all for the March updates.
There were more, but those didn't come with pictures.
Nevertheless, April updates are up next.
Tomorrow will be a better day.
Random picture of the day!

Meet Ranger. xD

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In The Eye of the Beholder...

In dreams where reality seems so distant,
That silver lining hanging by the corner of the cloud,
Where everything you know of can be different,
The achievement of aspirations of the arrogant and proud.

I had no idea what I wrote up there, but I thought I'd write something to retain my creativity.
The spark has been dimmed considerably since I stopped writing poems a long while ago.
Anyway, it's time to complete my February updates.
I'm not worried about the March updates, since there isn't much to update about.
But till then, enjoy.

25th February 2010
After much complaining from Dines, we finally found the time to drive all the way down to Klang to go for some of Klang's finest seafood that he's been bragging about.
After meeting him up at Sunway, we headed down to his place and proceeded to Telok Gong.

Dines and Yoga. Poor lighting from the restaurant contributed in the low picture quality. My apologies.

Dan and Lingz.

Dan's recommendation - Guinness Stout + todi. Not up to my liking though. Way too sweet.

Dan seemed to enjoy the mixture though.

Standard drink when it comes to seafood - young coconuts.

Resembled spinach, but tasted better.

Mantis prawns...which were pretty good.

Steamed taufu with mushrooms and egg.

Steamed assam fish.

The main dish - chilly crab! : )

A job well done.

It was extremely cheap for the portion we had.
I wouldn't mind going down, though trying different dishes would be on the top of my agenda.
Ended the night heading back to Dines place for a while before we headed back home.

26th February 2010
Yes, you won't believe it but I went down to Klang a second time in a row on the next day with the family and some church members to have Klang Bak Kut Teh.
We headed to Jennie's to meet up and subsequently head for lunch.

Jennie and her siblings. : )

Her dog's pretty affectionate.

Shot #1.

Shot #2.

Duet on the piano.

And the camera goes *click*.

I'm a little teapot, short and stout...


'Wet' bak kut teh.

'Dry' bak kut teh, which was arguably the better one. : )

The evening continued with the PJ cell group.
It was pot bless at Uncle Sam's and Aunty Regina's place.
And there was a movie screening called Fire Proof, which I think is an awesome movie.


People! : )

CG leader giving a brief synopsis on the movie. : )

She was being cheeky.

Shot #2. : )

Shot #3; Andrew was captured in the background.

Chang Carmen. : )

Last picture to end the post...yours truly.

So that wraps up the February updates.
Next up will be a full-fledged post on the March updates.
Stay tuned.

Bidding each and everyone of you a great week ahead.
God bless.

There is no substitute for God. Without God, life is just a rat race that leads you to nowhere but a mouse trap ~ Matt