Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just Another Blip To Soar Higher...

Work has started rather instantly for me.
Already I'm being thrust into the 'battlefield' and I'm scheduled to start a statutory audit by myself next week already.
Work is draining the crap outta me, and I'm in serious need of a hug.

Things have taken a rather bumpy road rather abruptly.
Totally messed up work today, gums are hurting (albeit getting better) and I'm feeling a lil under the weather.
Haven't had a day where I can honestly say I forgot to smile, till now.
It's been a while, but this test will be another hurdle in life.

And one that I intend to get over just cause I know you'll be at the finishing line.

~ And I'll keep you locked in my head, until we meet again [Pink]

PS: The real long updates will be up over the weekends. I need prayer peeps. Need to get well. Thank you.

PSS: And you'll be in my prayer list everyday.


Elaine L. J. said...

Awww... it breaks my heart (nowadays) when I see someone a little down coz of work..
I went through the same ordeal, if you need a friendly hug, I can grant you that favour, coz someone was kind enough to do the same for me.. I can't say its a bliss. But I can assure you God is with you, and when its all over, it'll all be worth it. :)

Matt said...

It's not just work.
It's more than that actually.
A lot of stuff all happened at the same time.
Going through a really tough time, but thank you.
Just gotta keep believing that God's gonna work it all out for good. = )