Saturday, October 30, 2010


I'm starting to realise what it means to have too many eggs in the basket.
I honestly would not have expected having so much to do so late towards the end of the year and it's almost like a windfall of responsibilities.
Time management is probably my biggest issue and it's probably hitting me that it's about time I grew up and start being the person I'm supposed to be.

Besides the fact that I have my major exams coming in December, there's still
...the HCC youth group and upcoming Christmas events to handle.
...the KDU PAC prom to plan for next year.
...the part time job that's starting in 2 days time.

I'm swamped with work, losing my wits end, and I'm going on a continuous emo streak for the past few days.
I know it can't be good, but I need a way to manage my portfolio of responsibilities and execute my plans and time management accordingly.
I know this can only be the start of me becoming a better person...

Lets just pray I make it out of the next 2 months in ONE piece.

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