Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trust, Superficially Implied....

When the autumn breeze blows steadily,
Laughter and friendship abounds,
How we welcomed and embraced readily,
Everything was all smiles, no frowns.

Carefree, ignorance really seemed like bliss,
Taking it step by step, savouring the moments,
I remember hoping that it'll all never cease,
Every little memory, a collection of mere tokens.

Reality has a crude manner of materialising,
Almost too soon, the pretense became apparent,
Inevitably, it all seemed like wishful thinking,
I wonder where we went wrong, where we went errant.

"Trust your heart" they would tell me,
Then I'd lay there disappointed yet again,
Their reply a mere "Hope for the best, let it be,"
Always leading to more dashed hopes and pain.

Everything seems like just another facade, superficial,
Inescapable fact that people will always let you down,
Bound to walk away, I guess you could call it 'typical',
Face reality, ain't nobody picking you up when you drown.

"I've let myself believe" was all I could muster,
Frustrations to vent, a sorry figure trudging down the lane,
Trust a vulgarity, never gonna implode as another disaster,
I live for the audience of One, till my strength wanes.

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