Monday, March 31, 2008

And you sang me that song...

College today was rather fun, since Mr Kho's class was cancelled. Actually, the whole week's classes are cancelled. I should be happy, but yet, he's down with Dengue fever. Well, I hope for his quick recovery, even if I dislike his classes.

Had futsal after classes, and I'm bushed out. I just wanna go to my bed and sleep now, but decided to do some fine-tuning to my blog. Hopefully by the end of tonight, I would have added both the chatterbox, as well as the visitors' tracking system, since Blogger doesn't have such a system. Still learning about all this HTML formats and what-nots.

Well, no pictures today, but I'll do a movie review of the movie I caught with the family yesterday.

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep.

Mum was pestering dad to watch this show, and so we ended up watching on DVD. I have to say, the storyline was pretty good, and though this may seem like a show for kids, but in my personal opinion, it was better than I expected. Some people do not seem to like fantasy, but this is one movie that exceeded my expectations to say the least.

Verdict: 7.5/10 Nice movie to watch with the family, if you don't mind a fantasy film.

Anyway, a small sports update before ending my post. The final score of yesterday's match.

Liverpool 1 - Everton 0

Courtesy of Fernando Torres. You'll Never Walk Alone!


If you noticed, my chatterbox is finally up. Though it may not be the best, nor perfect, but it'll do for now. Maybe I'll do the final touches to my blog tomorrow if I have time. Have to change the theme(Which means changing my HTML again). I already took almost 2 hours to put up my chatterbox successfully, and yes, thats how bad I am at doing this. = (

Till then, let the messages flow. Good night.

Signing off,

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