Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Three wrongs make a right...

Ah, its the month of April. Haven't been able to blog the past few days for a few reasons.

1. My blogger was flagged incorrectly as a possible spam site.
2. My internet went down yesterday night.

So this post is a lil outdated, but better late than never. I'm still rather frustrated, cause my chatterbox acted up again, and I can't access my chatterbox. So, please be patient as I try to figure out how to edit the HTML. Somehow, my HTML code did not match their HTML description. Yeah, can't blame me for being an amateur at this.

Anyway, just a lil update. Lunch was at Pizza Hut at OU yesterday. We ran out of places to eat, and seriously, we desperately need a new place to dine at. City kids are indeed spoiled for choices.

The venue.

The last piece of Hawaiian Chicken. Excuse my pictures. My appetite preceded my camera.

Royal Masala.

Yan and Gloria.

Danial: Dude, check out that chick.
Adam: You mean the waitress? What's wrong with you?
Matt: Huh? Where? What?

I have my 'poyo' moments. I can't remember exactly what we were staring at. We just decided to look that way for the camera.

The bridge between Bandar Utama and Taman Tun.

Here's some general Malaysian knowledge. This bridge between Bandar Utama and Taman Tun is actually the border between Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur. Bandar Utama is classified under PJ, where as Taman Tun is under Kuala Lumpur. I've been travelling quite a fair bit between both cities if you count the number of times I go to Taman Tun and back. = )

Morning classes have been cancelled, and I'm supposed to do my assignment, but I decided to slack a while and do a bit of blogging. A friend of mine asked why my theme was plain. Well, I like to keep things simple(or more like I'm afraid of changing the HTML with the current problems I'm having with the editing).

Anyway, gonna start on my assignment and head for classes at 1pm later. Missions starting in 2 days. Anticipation builds up...

Signing off,

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