Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You're my strength for tomorrow...

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Back from a very very busy period. Okay, I'm kidding. My stress level has reached my neck, and I'm starting to feel really pressured, and at times, really weak and helpless to do anything to change the present situation. Then again, its times like this that test how much I depend on Him and whether I can fully trust Him to bring me through this. He's the only One who can bring me through this.

So, I'll update a lil. Sunday was fine as usual, with a lil bit of a last minute plan that crept up. Received a phone call from Adam while I was out with the family at SS2 for dinner, and was invited to join him and Gloria to meet Danial up at Starbucks for assignment purposes. It came at the right time as I was feeling the usual feeling of, "What am I gonna do tonight?"

Hence, Adam came to pick me up, and off we headed to Starbucks to apparently do assignment. I ended up playing with cards with Eddie(Danial's bro) and Nadia(Danial's significant other). Some pictures to 'lighten' up the blog once in a while.

You'd think they were studying. I know Adam wasn't.

Caffe Latte anyone?

A night of poker, coffee, and cigarettes. I don't smoke, mind you.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Reached back at about 12am before turning in for the night. Then came Monday blues. Started the morning with Financial Accountings, and we continued on creating the stupid prototype for Microsoft Access, which is by far the toughest assignment I've came acrossed. Trust me, this is the first time I'm left hanging without a clue what to do, with my A grade hanging in the balance. I shall complain not, but pray and leave it in His hands.

The epitome of stress and gluttony.

Meet Adam, my friend. *ahem* Correction! My bestie! xD He has this illusion that he's a supermodel. Hence the pose.

Forgive my moment of endulgence. Most of all, forgive him for his moment of ignorance. xD

Today was highlighted with more assignments. Life at its best. Indeed... Anyway, to say the least, I was rushing throughout the entire day. Rushed to college because I left house late. Rushed through lunch because the girls had to run some errands. Rushed home to fetch Andrew to tuition after lecturer kept us in class late, to find out that someone else had already fetched him to tuition.

And yet Adam continues to points out how much I love to speed. Its not by choice, but simply by circumstances. Or maybe not...

Today's lunch. Sinful, no?

Supposed to be doing my research proposal, but I have no idea at all on the format of doing my literature review. Guess its off to see Mr Chandran again tomorrow.

Shall I rant a bit? Maybe I shall. You are welcomed to skip this part of my post. I warned you. Read at your own risk. = /

Perhaps the definition of 'friends' have been misused to frequently, or I've misunderstood the term and miscalculated it disastrously. I wonder if I'm getting more choosy, or I'm just plain ludicrous at being a friend.

Maybe I've never felt so disgusted and annoyed before, but really, I do not have a hard time to forgive. Its just that its time to grow up and start acting like your age. I'm not giving in, cause if I do, you won't learn your lesson.

The road ends here.

Signing off,

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Danial said...

Jamie jamie jamie..... soft spoken, adorable, lovely. what u think ? 0_o