Sunday, April 27, 2008

You are freedom...

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So, EIGHT (8) random facts about me;

Fact One: I have a bad habit of twitching around with the edges of anything sharp(not including a knife). Yeah, its a really bad habit.

Fact Two: I hate the "good boy" or "nerd" tag that I'm getting. Its undeserved. Haha!

Fact Three: I'm a very people person and I don't know what I'll do when I'm alone most of the time.

Fact Four: I look down on myself a lot especially when I screw up or make mistakes. This includes me judging my own playing on Sunday. I tend to feel disappointed with my playing and always wanna do better.

Fact Five: I may not look like it, but I slack like crazy sometimes. I always get questions like, "How do you do so well in your exams? Any study tips?". Heck, I don't know. Stop asking me. I just pray and have a whole lot of faith that God will see me through. I do study under pressure when it requires me to do so. By the way, praying alone won't get you results. You have to do your part and work hard also.

Fact Six: I sometimes envy other people and always find myself guilty of trying too much to be like other people and losing myself in the process.

Fact Seven: I feel like a serious hypocrite a lot of the times. I contradict what I say too many times. Reminder to self: "Faith without works is dead."

Fact Eight: You just try dissing me off and see. You'll never see daylight again, I promise you. xD Nawh, I'm kidding. I have a short fuse sometimes. Still working on it.

I tag:

1) Clarissa
2) Lerida
3) Li Anne
4) Anne
5) Wy Kit
6) Whoever else wants to do it.

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