Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'd cut you open like a banana...

I'm so not very happy right now. My assignments are not completed, I'm feeling extremely lazy, and trust me, I have valid reason to do so. I can't seem to find any literature review on "The prospect of investing in high end property for young professionals." I'm so very agitated.

Mr Gideon's a knucklehead. Already he's put a 35% wager on the literature review, which shouldn't be that important for the proposal. The fact that he's a sarcastic moron, changed my topic at least 5 times, causing me to have extremely little time before the dateline. Here's the worst part.

He then gave me a topic which he so readily approves, and heck, there's no damn literature review for it whatsoever. How on earth am I gonna find anything useful to use as my literature review. Gideon's a *Censored for the sake of the possibility of underaged readers* knucklehead. And I dare not say any further for fear of saying things I might regret later.

I have a Management Accounting lecturer who laughs at his own lame jokes(I'm not sure if you can even call them jokes), smiles pervertly at everyone possible, and stares at the ceiling when he lectures, or stares at the far end of the wall at goodness knows who.

I have an Information Systems lecturer who couldn't be bothered if you pay attention or not. Heck, you can even bring your laptop and use it in his lecture and he won't care. A classic line from yours truly; "I bet if I threw my shoe at his face, he would continue teaching."

Why I'm complaining when I'm not supposed to? I don't know.

Give thanks Matt. Give thanks...

Gah, so extremely stressed up, annoyed, disappointed, etc. Fill in the blanks.

Signing off,

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