Monday, April 14, 2008

You have not, because you ask not...

Shadows of the past...

Nah, no more! xD I feel extremely free. Haha, I've just found out recently, and I honestly can't be bothered to care anymore either. Ah, maybe this is the feeling that I've been looking for. College today was spoiled by very insensitive friends, but forgiveness is essential. Easier said than done however. Football was pretty good, considering how long its been since I last played on a field.

Chocolate chip cookies orgasm! Yeah, weird I know, but my mum makes awesome cookies. Oh, and most importantly, dad's back from Phillipines. Thank God for protecting him and bringing him back safely. Not to mention giving him a great trip.

I'm extremely tired from football earlier on, and I've a jogging session at 7.30am tomorrow. So much for keeping fit.

And in this crazy life,
And through this crazy times,
Its you, its you,
You make me sing,
You're every line,
You're every word,
You're everything.

Signing off,

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