Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In My Life, Your Will Be Done...

So many times I have asked God, "Lord, I need Your direction in this. Speak to me."
But then...I've never had an answer directly from Him.
I've wondered for a long time whether I'd actually get to hear an audible voice that tells me straight to the point.
Often I've struggled with the decisions I've made on whether the voice I've followed was God's, or just my own.

But in this week itself, I've learned that God may not speak to you directly...but He speaks nevertheless.
I thank God that He's been guiding me all the way through without me knowing it, every single step of the way...

ACCA just pretty much blows your mind.
You'll never be sure if you'll excel, or fail miserably.
Passing is NEVER a certainty.
If I'm honest with myself, I'll be frank when I say that I worry and fret over my studies, particularly this semester.
But mum made a statement that reminded me of His faithfulness.

"Be confident! God has taken you from your degree to ACCA. He's given you the scholarship to complete this. His favour has always been upon you. Don't you think that He'll see you through the whole thing?"

I realised that I've been looking at the circumstances and worrying unnecessarily.
But I'm thankful...because I know that it is at that very moment that God used her to speak to me and to remind me..."Hey, I'm in charge. Don't worry. I'll bring you through this. If I'm faithful to bring start this work in you, I'll be faithful to finish this work I've started in you."

And I guess there are times when God clarifies things through the people who will be affected by the potential decisions.
This is perhaps more frequent...because I honestly ask God, "Where do I go from here? Should I do this? What do I do next? Is this the right thing to do?"

I've been struggling with something close to my heart, taking the time to look at things in the right perspective, weighing the possible implications of the possible actions taken, and most of all...asking God, "What should I do?"
I believe in every single major decision (or every other decision, if possible) that God's opinions always matter the most.

I guess you could say I was persistently stubborn in regards to this matter.
I wanted to be dead sure that this was the right action to take.
And God amazingly gave an indirect answer to my question and put me back on the right track.
Though no doubt I've denied the facts before me, but an answer like that was a clear indication of what I should do (or in this case, should not do).

I've learned that the difference between going ahead with a decision made on my own wisdom and a decision made on God's direction can be the difference between getting stuck in a sticky, messy situation and walking in His will and achieving great things.
Though as humans most of the time we see things through our carnal eyes and are easily swayed by emotions tend to make decisions that we regret later in life.
But for me personally, if you live for God who knows the beginning and the can NEVER go wrong.

I'll stay true to You, Lord. <3


lotomalie said...

I just created an account here for this purpose only. To allow God to work through others and speak to me. Thank you for your blog, and allowing you to be the channel in which the Lord has spoken to me. It is very refreshing to know that somewhere out in there in this world we live in, people like you are not afraid to pour out your feelings about the Lord. God Bless.

Matt said...

You're most welcome.
I honestly never anticipated that it'll minister to anyone.
For me, it was just an outpouring (in this case, a mere cry of the heart) that I needed to get off my chest.
But I am glad that you've been somewhat ministered to.

God bless.

Oli said...

thanks so much for your post. I struggle with some difficult decisions right now and worry too much. I do not know what is right and what is wrong. your post reminded me that I need to ask God for help and stop stressing out so much.

Matt said...

You're welcome.
All the best.