Sunday, March 21, 2010

You Never Let Me Go...

Lack of time!
Those are the words that are basically affiliated with me nowadays.

But thank God for the weekends.
I wouldn't say it has been exactly productive, but it's been getting better.
I know I've not finished with the February updates, but that will come one of these days.

Recently, I think God's been calling me back to Him.
It really is time to evaluate and I've come to a conclusion that I've strayed away...rather far.
I'm disappointed in myself.
I question whether I mean what I say, whether I mean everything I've done for Him or merely done out of compulsion and obligation.

Perhaps I've been trying so hard to find myself, that I've forgotten that once I've found myself in Him....everything else falls into place.
The next few days will be reflective to a certain extent.
I need to find the person whom I used to be.

On a random note...
This Thursday and Friday are off days.
Rare much...

P.S.: Liverpool's narrow 2-1 defeat to MU highlights the horrendous season that we've been having. It's all over now. Sigh...

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