Saturday, January 31, 2009

Never is a long time...or is it?

You're either in or out of my life.

Oh good grief, this cannot be happening. This has to be the hardest decision I have made after a long while, but reality is the present. And I'm freaking set on my decision. I never wanna change my mind this time.

Feelings are a sign of weakness.

Never believed in it, but I believe it is if you read it like this.

Feelings are a sign of weakness if people use it to your disadvantage ~ Matt

I'm done. Year 2009 will be a better year. I am gonna carry them on the cross, crucify them, clear up the broken shards, tape them back together, and rebuild that wall that I've tried so hard to build up only for it to be broken down again.

This time...there won't be another time.

Twisted, deformed, and mutated,
Broken, crushed, and trampled,
Disappointed, hurt, and devastated,
Experiences made to be life's examples.

The silent rhapsody continued to play,
Echoing eerily in the empty corridors,
Catching its pulse, on the cold floor it lay,
Unable to accept reality, shaken to its core.

Resuscitate, all but a low pulse detected,
Bloody red, too many pieces to even count,
"Oh no, not this heart too," the nurse noted,
"I'm afraid so," the doctor frowned.

One last attempt was decided upon,
Hope was diminishing, scarcely to be found,
Slowly but surely, life bit by bit came to dawn,
Time stopped, almost as if it was bound.

"Lets get this stored in a safe," came the reply,
Walls of steel seem to surround this little heart,
Almost impenetrable it would seem, the eyes don't lie,
The final lock in place, its final decision from the outside world, barred.

Done by,

PS: A hug is needed. Requirements? None needed.


HitoMi^^ said...

are you feeling better?

Matt said...

Yeah, I am. Thank you for your concern. Means a lot. = )