Friday, February 13, 2009

I keep my eyes on You...

Took the step of deleting all memories and links, including Facebook and Blog link.

Call me drastic, but thats how I cope with hurt. Not all the time, just really exceptional moments.

I'm sorry I ever loved you.
I'm sorry I even tried to care.
But most of all, I'm sorry I gave you my heart.

Call me immature, call me weak, call me even pathetic but I like writing it all in words and expressing it.
I don't give a *beep* if the whole world really reads this.
I like being me, just me, and me alone.

Closure comes next.
I will rejoice in my trials and temptations, as it represents time for growth.

As for the future, my list of priorities just took a serious plunge and change.
God, family (close friends included here), career, and everything else.

To love is to expose and open up yourself to being hurt.
Then again, to cry is to show that we're human.

The need to protect myself becomes ever so urgent. And I pray that trust will never become an issue for me.

Lies and make believe, that's all you ever were. : )

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