Saturday, February 28, 2009

A thousand miles back home...

I'm back from Singapore!

I failed miserably in the competition me thinks. Though we were all touted as winners already to have made it that far, but I was kicking myself mentally for being such a failure. Blanking out during a competition of such magnitude irked me, and though I told myself that it was all in His plans, reality has yet to sink in.

Everyone kinda said the same thing...

"It's okay. The experience is what's important."

I agree. The experience is invaluable. I just wished I could have done better, to my very best. Then, failure wouldn't even be the issue. I just know I could have done better. Was bitterly disappointed and depressed, but enough about that.

So let me give you the chronology of events that took place.

- Touched down in Singapore, enjoyed my flight thoroughly. Phone motherboard crashed thus rendering me almost helpless as I lost connection with the outside world.
- Dan forgot to bring his WiFi card, rendering his laptop pretty much disconnected as well.
- Complications with finding Dan a place to stay but thank God we managed to get him in eventually, and for free too. = )
- I messed up my impromptu speech, and I suppose the winners were deserved in the end.
- Visited Vivo City and in the end, I was a victim of poor time management. Missed my check in time, and I ended up being at the airport alone for 2 hours plus buying myself another ticket which caused me a bomb.

Basically, everything that could go wrong went wrong. I forgot whose law that was, but it was so true. Was it Murphy's law? Anyway I thank God though, as it presented me with opportunities.

I've learned that...

- Never ever doubt God in the darkest moments of life. This proved to be so true once again.
- Always have contingency plans, and bringing extra cash when you go overseas is a start.
- God always has better plans, and trusting Him to work it all out for good is essential.
- Disappointments are a part of life. Face it, deal with it, and move on.

So yeah, I've lost all my photos that I've taken, and most of my contacts. I'm hoping to salvage my memory card though. If its possible, I'll be able to get my pictures back. Its time for a new phone real soon.

But it was the experience that matters. I'll try to get other pictures from the other days from my other friends from the other countries, as well as from Dan. I'm so thankful that God brought Dan along with me, cause I couldn't have survived the ordeal if it wasn't for him.

Anyway, looking forward to a bright future.

PS: My new laptop is awesome. And me managed to do some shopping. : )

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