Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When destiny comes knocking...

God's voice comes a listening...

I think I broke a promise...again.

A thousand and one apologies, and twenty more if you like. I've been either too busy, or lazy (got this from Rachy's blog) or...

I'm heading off to Singapore LATER!


Current emotions?
Excited, nervous, and...more anxiety.

I'll be off for 3 days at least for the Business English Competition, International Levels. Time has just flown me by and tomorrow is the BIG day. I'm not worried about anything else, just anxious.

But God is going to be with me and I know that when I reach the airport, all the nervousness will just seep out of me.

I've got my awesome friends going with me too, and a whole lot of wishes and support (including prayer support) from a whole lot of awesome group of Malaysians over here. So, need I worry anymore? =D

Anyway, doesn't hurt to be nervously excited.

I'll be keeping in touch (hopefully) and I hope I'll have good news to bring back. God is in control anyhow. = )

Till I see you guys again, keep me in prayer.
Singapore, here I come!

PS: Sorry for breaking my promise about posting about the BBQ. I'll get to it the minute I come back. Been really stressed lately. Pray for me kay? = )

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