Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is me...Open for the World to See.

During the period of 7 months post-graduation, yours truly was interning in an audit firm as well as with HSBC's Commercial Banking department.
Suffice to say, I've learned quite a fair bit and gained a lot of knowledge a classroom would have not otherwise provided.
I think my time at HSBC was more enjoyable, and I met really nice people.
So, this post is a tribute to them.

*Note: Pictures were taken on the 31st of December 2009, new year's eve. : )

HSBC Commercial Banking Sector, 10th floor.

New Year's Eve cheer at office! Drinks and tidbits.

Now that I've tried Whiskey, perhaps the next thing would be Vodka. : )

Suresh! He's the best boss I could ever ask for. Thank God for His blessings.

He was my supervisor from day 1.
Took me out for lunches, made sure I was taken care when he was on leave, and was very helpful in me completing all my tasks though he was one of the busiest relationship managers in the department.
His sense of humor was evident, and his absence certainly took the life out of the 'party' so to speak.
Thank you for being awesome! : )

Joon Huei! He's pretty cool for a dad no?

Was not really close with him at first.
In fact, I don't remember talking to him for the first month I was there.
But we started clicking when we went for lunches.
He's into online games, and I think his attitude somehow had a calming effect on those around him.
I think he's the best person to talk to when you're stressed.


He was definitely one of the younger peeps over there.
Though we never spoke as often, but when we did...I could always feel a sense of trust.
I'd say we somehow could relate somewhat well. : )


She'll probably be the first one to greet you when you're new in the office, first one to smile at you, and sort of keep you chirpy and hyped up for the rest of the day.
She had this crazy side of her but yet combined with an attitude of sheer determination when it came to work.
Definitely someone you'd want in the office. : )


The typical party girl with an equally cheerful and bubbly personality.
I think the thing I'll remember most about her was the fact that I had to constantly transfer calls over to her when clients called. Haha! : )


Ah, my colleague and most of the time company during lunch hours when office went empty.
Also a part-timer, but on a longer term basis.


Tech support colleague.

I think the guys thought they were too macho to take a picture with me. Haha!
Unfortunately, I missed out quite a few people who were already on leave by the time I finished my internship.
But I guess it's the thought that counts.
Lets just say I miss the whole lot of them already.
I think their jokes kept me sane during those 2 months there, especially with all that was going on around me.
Heck, now it feels so...lonely.

Classes have begun, but there's a big disadvantage simply because I'm entering into 2 different levels at the same time.
I never really see the same people for any of the classes.
And though I've never really had a problem socializing, but starting over takes time and effort.
Perhaps it's a good thing, a fresh start...but if I had the chance, I would take a flight down to UK to complete my course and start life all over again.

God has been faithful.
I think above the whole turmoil and depression moments, He's kept me in check and He's always there.
That's probably the best thing about Him, that He never goes anywhere.
He never disappears and goes out of contact.

I was scrolling through my entire address book, but somehow everyone felt so distant and suddenly it felt as if I could not relate to anyone in my address book.
There are times when it still hurts so badly, but yet I bask in it.
Perhaps the very lesson that He's teaching me is to love when it hurts, to love unconditionally.

I've been trying so hard to be okay, trying so very hard...but I'm done denying that I'm not.
Somehow, I was made to do this and I will not deny it.
That doesn't mean I deny reality and stay stagnant.
Sometimes, loving a person requires you to let go because the other person deserves better.
To love, is to let go.

Above all, I've asked God what He wants me to learn from this experience.
Most importantly, I think I've learned to love Him unconditionally.
But I believe He's teaching me that the world will never understand such love, and when I see everyone else through His eyes of love...I'll learn to love unconditionally no matter what they throw at me or no matter the circumstances.
This experience no doubt happens naturally simply because this person is the dearest thing to my heart, but in the long term...I'll be able to love everyone around me regardless of status, colour, personality and to love unconditionally and accept them for who they are.

I believe God meant it in such a way that by going through the deepest pain of loving someone so dear and hitting a brick wall, I would be ready to love the people that society detests whom God might bring me into contact with in the future.
And perhaps I'll be able to spread God's love to those around by loving them for who they are and helping them through life, and to fulfill His purposes in my life.
Praise God for painful lessons in life.

Before I go, here's a poem from the book "How To Deal With Your Broken Heart" by Susan Tang which I've just finished reading for the second time.
I think the poem is really inspiring, and it talks about smiling when the heart is breaking down or even broken into sheer pieces.

"To smile when the heart is heavy
And all is full of ill
When the path of life is dull
And music's tongue is still
When the roses have all dropped and died
And their perfume now all spent
When streams dash madly, wildly on
With fury giving vent
When birds are silent in the trees
Beneath a sky cast grey
Yes, to smile when the heart is breaking
And joy has taken flight
Is ever a courageous thing
And so precious in God's sight."


Next post will on New Year's Eve.
Till then, this is goodbye.

PS: This post was supposed to be a dedication. Oops, I got carried away. My apologies for the long rants.


Joshua said...

Now that I've tried Whiskey, perhaps the next thing would be Vodka.

They both taste foul. As does brandy. And rum. And... :P Had this stuff called "Hot Damn!" before, it was actually pretty good--cinnamon. Alcohol's not my thing, man. :)

Praise God for painful lessons in life.
Amen, brother. Amen. Praise the Lord! :D

Next post will on New Year's Eve.
Till then, this is goodbye.

You're going to wait all the way until NEW YEAR'S EVE?! Hahaha. :P

Matt said...

Really? The vodka bottle looked pretty cool. Hahaha! But I'm with you. Alcohol is not really my thing either. Apparently I've got pretty high tolerance level, but what's the point when you're not into it? xD

Oh well, can't say much. Pain...haha.

It's a belated post you ding dong.
I know, I'm late.
But better late than never they say. : )

One Way, One Life! said...

Josh. HAHAHA. Matt kor is going to wait until new year's eve? 31st of December 2010? HAHA. You just made my day. :P

Matt said...

If I wait till then, I'm probably the worst blogger in the world. lol

One Way, One Life! said...