Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chasing A Fleeting Silhouette...

Have you ever looked at a shining star, and reached for it?
Or grasped for a piece of the cotton candy by the store?
Perhaps you've peered through the window and looked on,
And looked at what you had and wished for more...

I've seen my forbidden fruit, lusciously red and juicy,
Hanging from a branch that extends ever so tall,
At the bottom of the tree I stood, hands in cup-like position,
Looking up, and hoping that into my hands it will fall.

Out came the sun, overbearing and up in the horizon,
Scorching the ground, beating down on me so evidently,
And yet I stood my ground staring so intently, waiting,
I realized that this wait might not end indefinitely.

Time passed, and clouds of grey loomed into view,
The brewing of a thunderstorm made known its presence,
Torrents of rain fell upon the earth, wave after wave,
But still I stood my ground, that very same distance.

I watched as my apple got snatched from my very eyes,
All I could do was to see it tossed to and fro, repeatedly,
How I long to savour the taste, and to truly partake of it,
But you come to realize that you'll never have it, inconspicuously.

And I've watched the opportunity slipped away.
How I've tried to fight for my dreams, and gave up fighting a lost cause.
One question but remains...

Are some dreams merely building castles in the air?

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