Saturday, May 8, 2010

If Love Is Ever Really Love...

True strength and love is when someone would rather stay through when the going gets tough even if leaving and walking away is so much easier.

Tell me, what is love?
I refuse to be misled, to think that when someone says "I'll always be there" and never will be.
Just the idea of it scares me.

Words are mere words.
When people say those 3 words, it means so little.
The frequency it is being used when the magnitude is so great does not tally at all.
It should be negatively correlated, simply because words bearing so great a magnitude should be uttered on a lower frequency to only a specific group of people.

Love must mature.

I heard those words a while ago, and I can't help but realize the importance of that truth.
I've grown to love some people, some more than others, but I realize that even then...I've become so skeptical.
Love is never love, if it never grows.

Love gives and hopes for nothing in return.

Perhaps this is the hardest truth to understand, because we have needs.
We love and hope to be repaid in full, but most of the time it never really is fully realized nor does it materialize over time.

Mummy once told me...

"Marriage is not a bed of roses. In fact, it's not even to make each other feel good and happy. It's a lifetime commitment that is depended on God to help you love the other party despite..."

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
Here's the twisted truth - "When love gets tough, we bail."

I guess love is tested when the most trying of storms hit the boat.
Do you rock the boat, or determine deep down to steer the ship through the storm into clear waters?
Do you jump off at the first amber signals of difficulty, or are you determined to see through the commitment that you've made right from the start?

The repercussion of our actions are huge, life-changing.
Too many relationships have been based on the feel-good factor, those 3 words that make you squirm, increase your heart rate, give you sweaty palms, causes butterflies to flutter in your tummy, and to some, a tongue-tied stutter.
Even more relationships have ended in tatters when the feel-good factors diminish and the person becomes just another ordinary person to which you find out that you cannot love the person for who he/she really is.

Grow into love.
Learn to love.
Commit to love.

Till death do us part.

It is NEVER too early to consider these words in a relationship.
I've realized that we always give a time line to the relationship, "if and when it gets serious...then we'll consider."
Every relationship is just another 'crash test', and not something you'd consider carefully before saying "I do".

Perhaps it's time we looked at things differently...

And that was the day I promised, I'll never sing of love,
If it does not exists...

But darling, you...are the only exception.

And up until now I had sworn to myself
That I'm content...with loneliness
Because none of it was ever worth the risk...

But you...are, the only exception.


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