Friday, December 26, 2008

Just one sign that you're serious?

Internet's being a real pain. My humble apologies for delaying the last 2 days of Penang but without pictures, how can I portray the beauty of Penang as it is? Please be patient with me...

Just some good Christmas cheer...

1. Mazda RX-8
2. Trip around the world
3. Visit to Anfield
4. Green Vistalite drum set
5. Sony Vaio
7. iPhone/iPod touch
8. PSP
9. Adidas futsal shoes

*Those in italic have already been given by God.

In February, I'll get my new laptop and if God willing, that scholarship to do my Masters. As for my realistic wishlist, it'll be ongoing. My life resolution, not just new year's.

Wanna thank someone who surprised me with a pair of Adidas futsal shoes. Came back from college and there lay a package from Pos Laju. Thank you so very much. You made my day. Owe you a good treat real soon. = )

Tomorrow, I'll try to get the Penang post up. Hopefully the internet connection will be better. For some reason, Streamyx really sucks. Till then, good night.

PS: After the Penang post, there's Caroling pictures, Christmas Musical Interlude, and the Harvest Crew Musical Mime pictures to be up. Outdated? Yes. Availability of time? Little. Pray hard...

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