Friday, March 20, 2009

When lights go off, You're still there...

Hello mello!

A quick update and some random thoughts.

- I think I'm slowly getting there with my stupid dissertation.

- Jason Mraz' album is so soothing.

- Current mood: Tired (been sleeping late the past few days)

- Family is back from the Ministers' Retreat @ Johor. Missed them. : )

- I'm addicted to Left4Dead, which has led to me being broke. Yes people, I don't think I'll be able to go out much till next month. Still paying for my stupid air ticket that I had to pay from my Singapore trip.

- Prom is tomorrow, I'm getting back my phone (from the repair shop) and I promise pictures will be coming.

- We both knew it was gonna be like this. You were...a pretentious lie. And don't even start with all those times that I felt like you didn't mean what you say.

- The rest of my Singapore pictures should be up by tomorrow (if I have the time, due to my long day tomorrow).

- I've hurt myself physically due to futsal, and scarred myself a bit emotionally. : D

- A lot of things are going on my mind even right now. Trust...I wished I believed.

- I miss some people, and if only they knew.

- God is still good. I miss spending time with Him, and I promise I'll spend more time.

That would be all. I know right? I'm being extremely random. But thank you if you've even read until this far. You must be awesome. Till my next post, stay tune. I've got Prom to blog about. It feels like high school again. <33

PS: Thank you to all my friends who kept me company while my family was away. I think you guys are amazing, and God has blessed me richly in this aspect.

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