Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Glimpses of you...

Midweek update!
Just a short update.

Good news is I'm quitting my current contract job after this week.
Still on the hunt for colleges with the ACCA course.
So far, I've shortlisted a few colleges as possible destinations.

- Sunway University College
- Inti College Subang Jaya
- Tunku Abdul Rahman College
- Stamford College

Then there are some other colleges right in the heart of town, but not to keen on them due to the fact that I just kinda wanna stay away from KL for a while.
I rather drive to college mainly due to the irregular college schedules.
Right now, those are the possible targets, and hopefully by this week I'll have a rough idea on the courses provided by each college.
Then the next step would be to start applying for scholarships.
Next intake would be in September; my target for now.

Another decision to be made is whether I should take up Asaph's offer to work part time at Standard Chartered.
Flexible hours caught my ears and it is a possibility especially when I start my course in full swing.
Will be making a few phone calls here and there within this week.

God, I pray for direction.

On another note, there's so much to organize.
Gotta confirm the youth outing this week and all.
Moreover, there's the script for the Christmas skit to work on still and the deadline is end of this month.
And then there's the choosing of topics for the forum on the 4th week and to search for the panel by this week.

But for now, just looking to God to keep me going for the rest of the week.
His faithfulness has been constant, and this is all definitely His favour.
Oh well, I'm off to work.
Till my next post...

PS: Will be in Wangsa Maju today. KTAR-ians, meet up anyone? = )

~ If you think missing me is hard, you should try missing you.


seejayel said...

I heard Sunway's good. :)

Stay away from KL? Why not try INTI's main campus in Nilai? Majority of my friends doing ACCA are doing it either in Sunway or here. :)

Matt said...

Yeah, I heard that too.

INTI's campus in Nilai wasn't listed for the ACCA courses.
So I didn't know about that.
Hmm, yeah.
Need to find more details. xD