Saturday, May 10, 2008

And in the end, its You to my rescue once again...

I know when I'm beaten, and I know when I'm wrong.

Thankfully, God showed me the whole outcome to the situation, and the very "thorn in the flesh" made up for a lesson that I've learned.

I'm thankful that He's taught me a valuable lesson, and yet again, my outbursts have got the better of me.

Was thinking whether to confess, but decided to in the end.

Too much ego would certainly have not taught me any lesson.

Thus, an appropriate "I'm sorry" is what I need to say.

I'm sorry...

I've learned my lesson, and will work on it.


On another note, youth went well today. Learned a bit from Dude Shen's experience, and it was comforting to say the least. Somehow that part about persevering through seemed to reach to me, almost as if He was saying that there was a timing for everything, and our time would come. Certainly being frustrated was getting to me, but I hope I'll find the strength to persevere, if this is what God wants...

Peace out.

Signing off,

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