Sunday, May 18, 2008

A gift from above...

Here's the Mother's Day poem that I wrote within 15 minutes. This is dedicated to all mothers, because you're not only special on Mother's Day, but you're special everyday. Especially dedicated to my mum. = )

If someone asked you to define a mother,
What would your very answer be?
I'd say she's unique like no other,
One in a million as you can see.

For me, mother is love,
The very inspiration from God above,
Clothed in humility, yet so noble,
Created so gentle, yet so able.

A world without mothers is a world of chaos,
Without a mother's touch, children will be at a loss,
For where would we be without your guidance,
To highlight our journey of life with such radiance.

There are no words to express our gratitude and love,
Nothing we say will ever be enough,
Just 3 simple words, "We love you so,"
Oops, I forgot, Happy Mother's Day though.

The last part is a lil lame, but I was rushing for time. Oh well, thanks for reading. Have a great week up ahead.

Signing off,

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