Thursday, May 8, 2008

Take time to realize...

My arms are aching, my thigh is aching, not to mention a few other places. I'm feeling extremely lethargic and tired, and yet Research Skill Assignment is begging me to finish it as the deadline approaches on the 16th of May, which is next Friday. Stress...

A video of Larsson, trying his level best to play basketball.

The comment about short people not being able to play basketball ain't true. I have not-so-tall friends who play basketball better than me. Its just that Larsson carries a lot of extra baggage. = )

So very the tired now. Assignments...

Been listening to both of this songs recently over and over again. Very calming indeed.

Colbie Caillat - Realize

Sara Bereilles - Love Song. Don't mind the pictures. Couldn't find an official video that allowed me to embed the video.

Bah, back to assignments. = /

Signing off,

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