Monday, May 19, 2008

It gets harder by the moment...

Listening to: Who I am hates who I've been - Relient K


Some added details!

Fish therapy! Hahaha! Unique much, no?

Also met Lerry at MPH with her beau. It was quite ironic, yet awesome. Just the night before, we were chatting online, and so happened I met her there the following day on a public holiday, in an extremely crowded mall, with so many people. Ah, divine appointments indeed. God sure knows how to bring things about. = )

You read it all in Lerry's blog(I advertised your blog for free. You owe me an ice-cream.) =D


Just came back from Midvalley not too long ago. Yes, it was crazy going to a mall on a public holiday, but I found parking at the Gardens. Cost me RM5 though! Haha! Anyway, went there at 3pm, only to find out Asaph would be there late. So, I had some alone time and I walked around checking out shops and birthday gifts. Alone time was good, considering how I never liked it. xD

Going into Pets Wonderland was crazy and I walked out almost immediately. Midvalley was flippin packed, and I decided to just keep to window shopping. Asaph arrived at about 4pm, and we went for pool. A comfortable 3-2 win. Food court was the next destination, and I had early dinner, talked and talked, looked for more gifts, and then here I am.

Bah, my posts are getting boring. I'll stop here.

Revision for finals begins tomorrow. = (

Signing off,

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