Thursday, May 1, 2008

I journeyed a thousand miles just for this...

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Those 21 things about me. [Thats a whole lot! Haha!]

1. The Matt today wouldn't exist at all if it wasn't for God's grace and mercy.

2. I'm a real people's person, and honestly, who doesn't want love, care and attention?

3. I treasure those that are close to me, and I'll go the extra mile for them. No wait, make it 2 miles.

4. I honestly love to hang out more than staying inside the house; but that doesn't mean I hate staying at home.

5. I always wanna look good, cause it gives me self-confidence.

6. I love food, but I absolutely dislike putting on weight, or the flabs that are on me now. Someone save mehhhhh....

7. I may be obedient to my parents, but at times, I'm a real rebel. xD

8. Sometimes, I tend to wish/try to be like some other people, just to feel good/cool. But I've come to realize, that we're all different, that we're all special. I've come to realize, that being originally Matt, is awesome! xD

9. My fuse can be real short at times, but I'll apologize if I blow up unnecessarily and you're in the way. This only happens when I'm having a bad day, or I'm lacking sleep. So excuse me.

10. Judging people is a really bad habit of mine, though I've told myself that I'm in no position to judge others. Working on this...

11. Naekole's crazy. If her English sucks, then what about mine? My English sucks worse! I have no idea why some people think my English is so great.

12. I may be a guy, but there's a sensitive spot inside of me. Sometimes, acting tough gets really tiring. I like to listen to other people and be there for them.

13. I can be a real hypocrite when it comes to certain things. Sighhh....=/

14. I freaking studied Chemistry, Additional Mathematics, Physics, and now I'm an Accounting and Finance student.

15. Matt is disgusted with himself whenever he gets emo and tells the whole world so that someone will symphatize with him.

16. I have a really really big ego at times, but I can really give in sometimes.

17. Serving God has become a real passion. I love doing it week in, week out no matter how tiring it may sometimes seem. I love doing it though I get disappointed with myself for making stupid mistakes.

18. No matter what, I'm a Liverpool fan. Man United fans have tried, Arsenal fans have tried, Chelsea fans(Don't know gone where) have tried even harder, but honestly, no amount of persuading can change my loyalty. Runs in the blood. = D

19. I overspend a lot of the times, just to accomodate those that are close to me.

20. I love to spend my money on those that I feel are worth spending. Not many people gets this priviledge, but honestly, those that do, you know how important you guys are to me.

21. I love God. God is awesome blossom! <333

I taggy waggy:

1. Cla bear
2. Lerida
3. Li Anne
4. Janielle (If you're been reading my blog, you better do this. xD)
5. bananASHLEY (This is for you dearest cousin of mine. =D)

Anyone who is too free, you're welcome to do this. Leave me a comment when you're done. xD

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