Friday, May 16, 2008

Keep bleeding love...

Listening to: Tell The World - Hillsongs UNITED!

A friendly reminder! Hillsongs are coming on the 28th! *grins* Excuse my overexcitement. Can't really be helped.

I've finished my final assignment! I'd jump now if I could, but I'm lazy. So extremely happy. It feels like a really heavy load has been lifted off my back. Bleah...In fact, I'm so happy, I can't really recall what has been going on the past few days. Was helping out Danial at Old Town White Coffee(which seems to be our favourite venue for assignment purposes) at Jaya 1 while having dinner yesterday.

I'm just gonna put up some random pictures, regroup myself, enjoy my weekends, before 1 week of study leave before FINALS! *gasps* Still got finals. Looking forward to the Genting trip with classmates after finals, not to mention church camp. Of course, there's Hillsongs, but before I get excited all over again, I'll stop here and post up some random pictures that was taken in college.

Took this picture of this rather unique plant. It actually grows on the pillar.

The library, KBU students' favourite place to SLEEP????

The couch must be really comfy.

Semester is ending within 2 weeks, before we start 2nd semester immediately after finals. Crazy timetable? You tell me. I need to release my stress.

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Lerida deLeon Looi said...
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Lerida deLeon Looi said...

Hey there!

I’m just leaving a message so you would know that I’ve finally moved from one blog to another. So if possible, please link or re-link me from to I’d really, really appreciate it if you did! So…thanks for hearing me out and thanks again if you did take the time to re-connect my name to my current and active site. =]

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P/S: salute those snoozers, man. xD