Monday, June 29, 2009

The moon pales in comparison to you...

I am your fath...

Hello once again.
Today was my first day of work.
One word.
It was hard work, and my muscles are aching all over from the carrying of boxes and a huge ice box up and down flights of stairs and around KL.
Anyway, before I get into that...

Yesterday's 5 Kempas reunion turned out great.
Everything ALMOST went according to plan.
Pictures will be up when I have the time to upload, though most of the pictures are already on Peng Cheng's facebook.
So, I will blog about it when I have time, though at the rate work is turning out to be...
You get the point. = )

First day of work, and I admit that I've learned a lot.
I think I've somehow managed to gauge my communication skills, my socializing skills, and my public relations skills.

Picture credits to google search. = )

So what have I learned at work today?
- Malaysians comprise of nice people who smile and either stop to hear you out, or say no thanks.
- Malaysians also comprise of very busy people (maybe especially in KL) who run about to and fro endlessly.
- Then there are Malaysians who ignore and act all obnoxious and rude when approached.
- Nonetheless, I'm a people person and I love meeting people and their different characters, and I've learned to like my job minus the carrying of heavy boxes up and down.
- BUT ironically promoting is so not my kinda job...though I admit that to a certain extent, my character does somewhat help in drawing out a friendly approach from people (sometimes).
- I've learned that people are skeptical of supposedly 'free' items and even though we were giving out free samples, more people turned it down than took up the offer.
- My character and perception towards people have somewhat changed. I'm glad even if the impression some left me may not be entirely positive.

So that was what my first day.
I have a lot more to learn I believe.
Complaining can be tempting at times, but God's grace was ever sustaining and sufficient.
Gonna be needing it every single day to get me through.
I'm not gonna talk about how tough the job will be, but I'm gonna look at it as a challenge that God wants to put me through to make me a better person.
I admit, I got discouraged a lil...
But I thank God He was there.
He is what makes the HUGE difference between complaining, and getting through everyday victoriously.

I thank God you were there.
You helped me through a crazy day.
Indeed your significance is more than you know it. = )

~ When I miss you, I don't have to go far...I just have to look inside my heart because that's where I'll find you.

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