Sunday, June 7, 2009

When all is said and done...

I know the church camp post is supposed to be up, but the pictures need to be uploaded.
So, patience please. = )

Today Mike had a chat with me during lunch and gave his opinions on the topic of love.
How interesting...
Using the same illustration as a bird caged up, he went on to explain how we should let the bird go.
Then if the bird comes back to the cage, you'll know that's the one.
Here's the line that caught my attention...

"If you let the girl meet other guys, and go out and see the world for herself and yet in the end comes back to you and chooses you...that's the one for you."

Eye opener yes?
He had other points, but that was the main one that caught my attention.
So much to learn, so much to do.
Unconditional love?
I think I've found it.

And if love is a decision, then I've decided...

I glance out at the sky, just to catch a glimpse of your reflection,
It almost seemed like the Grand Canyon stood in our way,
Though it might not have been meant to be, to love you is my decision,
And you're almost certain to be in my mind every single day.

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